[36 Attendees] Huge Las Vegas Fly-Out @ KLAS - 201800ZJAN19


Oh well, I just said what it said there :)


Put me down for gate C23 - Southwest 737/8 to KMKE(I’ll decide which plane to use on the day of the event)


Gate D51 please


Of course! Thank you!


Gate D8 for KORD please.


Okay, you’re in!


I’d like to change my gate please.
I’d like to instead represent for American Airlines Virtual American Virtual // Glad To Be Apart Of The Community Again

May I have the above gate instead. Thank you. 👍🏿


I’ll take gate A12 please


Ok, you guys are in! Have a happy holiday.


Can I change my gate to C12, but instead of going to KCMH, may I go to KOAK?


Sure! Adding you in now


D52 pls thx


Ok you are in!


I just wanted to let you know for gate B36, Delta only flies the B712 and E170 to SJC from LAS for realism if anyone takes that gate!


Requesting terminal 3 gate E1 thanks!


Can I have gate B6


Sure! You are in!


Put me down for this Gate, Thanks :)

…Although I didn’t know Korean flew 747 to Las Vegas?


Ah, meant to put the 777. You’re in!

Long live KPOP!


True Dat, and Thanks! See you at the event :)