[36 ATTENDEES] 22JUN23 / 1130Z - CZVG Presents: Dragon Boat Festival Special Event @ZSPD to ZGSZ

Hello and welcome back to another CZVG flight, for this flight, we will fly from Shanghai to Shenzhen, a hub of CZVG. Along the way, I’m sure you’ll get to see the wonderful scenery of southwestern China, so please join us and enjoy the trip!

  • Server: Expert Server

Make sure that you are a G3 (or up) pilot!

  • Time: 2023-06-22T11:30:00Z2023-06-22T13:30:00Z

Please spawn in gate at 2023-06-22T11:10:00Z

  • Route: ZSPD → ZGSZ > Shanghai to Shenzhen <

  • Expected Flight Time: 2h

  • Aircraft: No restriction but must comply with livery restrictions

  • Livery Restricted: Local Chinese airlines

I highly recommend using the China Southern Airlines livery

Please click the box below to sign up, much appreciated!

After submitting the form, please react ‘Going’ in the box below👇

36 Pilots!

Gate Pilot Signup ways
Gate 122 @Simon_Guo1 CZVG Reserved
Gate 121 @Yang-le-duo CZVG Reserved
Gate 120 @JiamingL CZVG Reserved
Gate 119 @David_Gao CZVG Reserved
Gate 118 @wpxjgwfn42 Public
Gate 117 @Jaxon_Yang Public
Gate 116 N/A Public
Gate 115 @Winter_love Public
Gate 114 @CES9943 John “Soap” MacTavish
Gate 113 @Blee Public
Gate 112 @gtx Public
Gate 125 @SuperBaby Public
Gate 130 @StormZe Public
Gate 131 @JiahaoX Public
Gate 132 @Xiaoma Public
Gate 133 @Dvrst1ng_love Public
Gate 134 @HK-168 Public
Gate 135 @Avom Public
Gate 137 @Wayde Public
Gate 139 @BlueSky Public
Gate 102 @issacnb Public
Gate 101 @zhan Public
Gate 136 @JL.Dominic Public
Gate 138 @SKAY Public
Gate 140 @Eric.mekie1217 Public
Gate 148 @Yuhang Public
Gate 150 @FC_Clouds Public
Gate 190 @StevenflightZBAA Public
Gate 189 @Eternity Public
Gate 149 @CannedPig Telly “CannedPig” Wen
Gate 151 @PSTweeee Public
Gate 152 @ai-jetwu Public
Gate 153 @Jarden-Chen Public
Gate 154 @BOBIX_Baglebedev Public
Gate 155 @Duan20090204 Public
Gate 156 @MGR001 Public
Gate 166 @wong_Jason Public
Add more if need

Note: Gate 156 CAN be an emergency gate if no one enters this gate.


ZSPD GTS: @BurgerAddict

ZGSZ GTS: @BurgerAddict

ZGSZ Radar: @HenryD1

Special thanks to these ATCs!

  • If there’s an ATC, please follow his instructions or you will be reported.

  • Please follow the livery restrictions.

  • Detailed flight information will be posted 1 day before the event starts.

  • Ask whatever you don’t know, you can ask here or PM me.

  • Thanks you all for signing up, see you in Shanghai!

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What a nice event!Hope to see you at ZSPD!


Thanks for signing up! See you at ZSPD!


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Very nice route. Looking forward to it !

I will see u guys soon 🤩


Are you going to wake up that early?🤗🤗🤗


Hats off to every early riser 🤣


I didn’t expect it will be filled in here but it’s really cool lol🤣


We’ve got 12 pilots!

Thanks u all for supporting us 😍

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Looking forward to the coming of activities.🙃🙃🙃🙃


27 Pilots!

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Come!This is a great event!


We’ve got 26 pilots on this event.

Thanks for supporting us, see ya in Shanghai!


32 Attendees achieved!


I will take shenzhen approach


Welcome sir!

Event Flying Guide

As there is no FIR control for this flight route, here is the information regarding the cruising altitude and speed for each aircraft. Please ensure that you follow this for the flight. If you need to look up any specific aircraft data, please visit https://aviation25.com. For cargo aircraft, please adhere to the corresponding guidelines for flight.

All aircraft will be assigned a standardized cruising altitude of FL361 and a speed of 0.80 Mach. I understand that achieving this speed may be challenging for narrow-body aircraft. Therefore, we recommend using “heavy”aircraft for this flight.

The estimated total flight time for this flight is approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes. However, due to a significant number of inbound flights, the flight time may be subject to change and could be longer. We recommend carrying a fuel quantity of 2 hours of flight time plus reserves for diversion, holding, return to base, and ground operations, totaling 3 hours and 30 minutes. This is the recommended fuel quantity.

In this event, we will not issue penalties, but please adhere to the “User Guide”. Failure to comply may result in a warning. If there are instances of taking off from grass or clipping through objects while on the ground, we will disconnect you from the session. Therefore, we kindly request that everyone flies responsibly and avoids creating a negative experience for other players.

Regarding some ATC instructions:

When requesting takeoff, please confirm that you are the first in line.
When on the ground, there is no need to broadcast “request frequency change” when switching to the tower frequency.
When entering the approach phase, simply check in with “check in + app request” without sending unnecessary additional instructions.

Finally, we hope everyone flies in a friendly manner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact @Simon_Guo1. He is readily available and you can also mention him in the group. He will definitely respond. These are the important points for this flight. See you on Dragon Boat Festival!

A message from @BurgerAddict


The Only Boarding Music I love the Most is China Southern Boarding MUSIC 🎧

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