$350K USD Fine Issued to Spirit Airlines

The tables have turned and now Spirit Airlines is having their money taken from them. Spirit has been handed a $350,000 USD fine by the Department of Transport for misclassifying passengers removed from overbooked flights.

For those that don’t know, here is how Spirit handles an overbooked flight. First, flight attendants ask for volunteers to leave the aircraft and be compensated with a later flight and a hotel voucher, free of charge. If not enough passengers disembark, Spirit then begins the process of removing passengers at random. Over 1,000 of these passengers involuntarily removed by Spirit were classified as volunteers. Spirit also failed to inform these passengers they could receive cash instead of the vouchers. This means the passengers were effectively signed up for Spirit’s volunteer program.

Here’s a Spirit A319 burning fuel like the airline is burning cash.

Out of the more than 1,000 passengers affected, only 86 reported this inaccuracy to the DOT. This sparked an investigation which led to this verdict. For an airline losing $58 million in the first quarter of 2020, this fine is throwing gasoline on an inferno. What are your thoughts on this situation?





This belong to #real-world-aviation

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No Comment. Lol


Thanks for catching that.

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well… Thats a rip


It’s spirit, the airline that had to make an emergency landing becuase someone’s feet smelled bad, kinda obvious that this would happen.


Even though all airlines are struggling, 350,000 to them is a penny 😂


If you found this post offensive, I will delete it.

Very true though.

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Hopefully @SpiritVirtualAirline doesn’t get fined, 🤞🤞

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Lol. Gotta follow the rules

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Wow! That crazy

That’s pennies for them. Thanks to their fees ;)

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Im gonna guess you don’t exactly like spirit

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Ok, spirit gets too much hate. I’m not saying this is good, but let’s face it, name an airline that doesn’t have something shady past or present if you turn enough stones. It’s easy to complain about the small seats, and tons of extras on budget airlines, the fact that you can get double digit priced tickets pretty much anywhere in the country is probably the only reason a lot of people are able to see family, go to weddings, funerals, or go on vacations. If your complaining that spirit didn’t give you a free drink, compare the ticket price to that ideal united or delta flight of yours, and I bet your paying more than a cokes difference. That doesn’t just got for Spirit either, Allegiant, Ryan Air, Easy Jet, all provide a great service for the price, and that price enables a great many things.


Spirit pilots are actually really good, but I have never been on a Ryanair flight. Spirit is actually way nicer to their pilots than Ryanair. Also Ryanair pilots get fired for taking on extra fuel while Spirit pilots aren’t pressured to take on less fuel(Source: Amazon Documentary thats called Ryanair: MAYDAY).Ryanair pilots have to pay for their own hotels and food and their own aircraft type rating while Spirit doesn’t do any of that(Source: Amazon Documentary thats called Ryanair:MAYDAY).Flying for Spirit is actually much better than flying for Ryanair!


I would rather fly less, pay more and travel in comfort (delta, emirates, Singapore, JetBlue) than travel more often pay less and travel in bad conditions, (spirit, Ryanair, frontier, United).

It’s ridiculous that spirit had to do this.

And I was expecting the fine to be more

You have to consider though that for a lot of people that isn’t the question, the question is can you fly at all to go see a relative one last time, or go on any vacation this year, and budget airlines undoubtedly allow a significant group of people to say yes to those questions…

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Very true, I kinda agree now that I see you’re perspective.

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