35 Ways Infinite Flight Can Help You Prepare!

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Almost a year ago now, I started flight school in France! I now fly a few times a month on a Robin DR400. So far, my flight training process has gone much faster than expected, and has been much more economical than anticipated. This is mainly thanks to Infinite Flight, and all the knowledge/skills I have gained thanks to this amazing simulator!

I thought I might as well share some things you can do to maximise your Infinite Flight experience and prepare for real life!

If you are thinking of entering a flight school, or already are going through training, here are 101 things you can do to prepare for your next flight lesson and make aviation more fun, relaxed, and safe!

1 - Learn about instruments and what they do. Infinite Flight offers a Cessna 172 with a live cockpit. This is a great tool to learn about instruments, what they do, and how they work and interact!

2 - Learn about control surfaces. Infinite Flight has extremely realistic aircraft models, take advantage of that to learn all about flaps, slats, spoilers, airbrakes, ailerons, rudders, and everything else that makes planes fly!

3 - Learn about checklists, and try to carry them out in the sim! Infinite Flight does not have built-in checklists from what I know, but you can find real aircraft checklists online and practice using them in IF!

4 - Learn about airports in your area. It makes life much easier in flight training if you already know the ICAO code, location, layout etc. of your local airports.

5 - Use airport charts with Infinite Flight! If you practice using airport charts while on IF, they won’t seem so scary and daunting on your first flight IRL :)

6 - Practice multitasking. If you know you are easily overwhelmed, practice multitasking in IF to be ready for the real world. To easily be overwhelmed, just control ATC on the training server at KLAX! You will be crying in minutes 😊

7 - Learn about airplane types. Although this may not necessarily come in handy straight away, it’s always nice to know about what planes you see at the airport, and it might help if one day, ATC asks you something such as “taxi behind the CRJ”.

8 - Learn about flight plans. FPLs are an important part of flying, and Infinite Flight does a great job of preparing you to use them in real life!

9 - Learn about Air Traffic Control. Infinite Flight has realistic, live ATC. Practice using it in the sim where the stakes are low, so you don’t end up confusing “hold short” and “line up and wait” at a real airport.

10 - Practice hand flying. Unless you are a millionaire, it is very likely your first airplane won’t have autopilot. Practice hand-flying and maintaining an altitude, speed, and heading so you’ll have the right reflexes when you’re in the air.

11 - Practice takeoffs, approaches, and landings. Do as many as you can. They are arguably the most challenging part of flying IRL and practicing in the simulator really helps you once you’re doing the real thing.

12 - Familiarize yourself with cockpit layouts. Different aircraft look different inside, but the basics are always the same. Make sure you know them ;)

13 - Understand aerodynamics. Flight school throws a LOT of information at you. However, if you understand it rather than memorizing it, it will become much easier, and so will your future flying.

14 - Navigation skills. Infinite Flight has 3D terrain and satellite imagery. Practice getting from point A to B by using landmarks and points to orient yourself.

15 - Flying in different weather conditions… IF has fog and clouds. Try to fly with them the best you can, so you can deal with them if you need to one day.

16 - Flight planning. It’s a difficult task for some. Try planning flights with fuel quantities, load, winds, terrain, etc in mind. Use real documents and maps/software to help you plan your flight, then carry it out in Infinite Flight to see if it works!

17 - Learn the phonetic alphabet. It is present in Infinite Flight, and that’s how I learned it. When you enter flight school (at least in my case), they expect you to already know it. Make sure you remember the 26 magic words :)

18 - Practice traffic patterns. Go to your local airport and use airport charts to practice doing touch & goes until you master them! You will most likely need to do them later on.

19 - Radio calls. Learn what to say, and when to say it. It can be scary when you press the PTT button for the first time, and Infinite Flight can help you remember how to handle ATC (to a certain extent).

20 - Try to fly in congested airspaces. Go to events and learn to handle ATC instructions and heavy traffic simultaneously. It will help when you fly to major airports (or just busy ones) in real life.

21 - Practice formation flying. Although you probably won’t be doing any during your first flights, it’s a good way to remain stable at a certain altitude, heading and speed, and will help with your hand-flying skills later on.

22 - Practice stall recovery. It’s something you will learn to do in flight training, and the faster you master it, the faster you’re out of it. (And that rhymes… kind of)

23 - Practice spin recovery. It’s easy to do in IF and also a bit less scary :)

24 - Try to find emergency landing sites. At random points during your flight, turn off your engine, then try to find appropriate emergency landing sites. If you are able to reach them and land safely, then good job!

25 - Right rudder.

26 - Learn about runways. How do you determine which to use? How do you get to it? What do the magic numbers mean? What do the markings mean?

27 - Familiarize yourself with aviation regulations, and try to abide by them in Infinite Flight! It will make it easier to follow them later on if you already have the right reflexes!

28 - Simulate wind effects, and practice flying with wind! You will eventually encounter a crosswind, so it’s always good to know how to handle it :)

29 - Do some weather decision-making. Pick random airports in IF and determine whether or not you can fly to them. It’ll be helpful to know, so you don’t show up at the airport one day and realize you can’t fly.

30 - Practice visual approaches. Try to maintain a constant speed, heading, and descent rate by looking outside.

31 - Try short-field operations. It would be a bummer to land at an airport one day and realize you can’t take off again… :P

32 - Practice go-around procedures. They happen often in real life, and it’s a good thing to know how to handle them.

33 - Learn about the factors that can affect your airplane’s performance. You’re at 22,000 feet in a Cessna and just lost all your power? Learn why :)

34 - Practice diversions. They could happen one day, so it’s good to know how to handle a diversion.

35 - Do what you would do in the air. Remember, Infinite Flight is much cheaper than flight training and can help you understand things at home. It’s much cheaper to master stall recovery in a sim than in the air.

That’s it!

Infinite Flight is a great tool to learn about aviation, practice different skills, and prepare for flight training. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask below or send me a DM!

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I would definitely want to become a business pilot, this is interesting to learn about!

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