Flight around the world KLAX-RKSI-VABB-OMDB-KLAX. Total flight time 34:49. Error message popped up once I finally landed back at LAX and ended the flight. I wouldn’t recommend doing this because obviously the game on my device and settings cannot handle it lol.

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Hello! Sorry to hear.

All your stats seems to have been saved though.
34hr 37mn
21149 XP
3 landings


I have the full reply which all I was really concerned about. (It’s gonna make an amazing time lapse) I had a feeling something was going to happen, I play on an older generation iPhone 7 Plus. On medium settings, the frame rate really started to suffer around the 30 hour mark.

Seems like nothing really happened besides the error message then :)
You got all your stats.

It’s quite impressive you’re getting 30hrs+ on any phone.

I agree. I absolutely push the limits of the device and the game to the max on a regular. Because of that I tend to suffer from more errors and crashes then the average user.

Just to add on to what Seb said, we’re investigating this specific bug with the error message - I think I found a fix for it this morning, it’ll be in 21.6 :)