[34 ATTENDING, now sponsored by SWVA] The Austin Fly-Out @KAUS - 141900ZDEC19

No problem, thanks for letting me know!

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Only a couple gates left, get them before they’re gone!

Bumping this up!

South Terminal 2 to MSY

Sure thing thanks for coming!

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Howdy folks! 10 days to the event!

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Hey! My callsign will be BAVA330. Thanks!

Great, I updated it

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Unfortunately @snoman I need you to remove me, I can’t come.

My gate to LGW on the Norwegian 787-9 is up for grabs.

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Also just a reminder the event is this Saturday!

Oh… all the terminal gates are full…

Can I get a cargo gate switched to an MD-11 to Alliance?

You could get my or @Suhas s gate if you want! You can take any route with either gate. Or you could take that one I was just letting you know. I’ll update it soon

No, no, it’s fine.


It’s no trouble tho, because I can’t come anyways but suit yourself.

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Same with me

Oh. In that case, I’ll take…

United B739 to O’Hare. AVVA-001

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I can’t edit it after all. I will make a new thread when I get a chance but take 26B :D sorry about that

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Looking at Wikipedia and not too many destinations served by KAUS! Is there a specific reason why this is a thing. Vancouver, Montreal, LaGuardia and Newark still aren’t served by KAUS!?

Anyways I’ll take any gate to KSFO

Can I switch destinations to KSAN?

We have flights to EWR however not the others. We do have 5 TATL flights though!

What airline would you like to SFO?

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