33rd anniversary of Japan Air 123 incident.

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of the most deadliest single aviation incident in the history of aviation and the second most deadliest of all time ,(behind the Tenerife Disaster of 1977) ;Japan Air 123.

About Japan Air 123

On August 12 1985 Japan Air 123 was scheduled for a routine flight on a B747SR REG JA8119 from RJTT TO RJOO(Tokyo Haneda TO Osaka
Itami)Twenty minutes after departure a sudden Decompression occurred and The Vertcial Stabalized ripped off.They had no hydraulic control and were trying to make an emergency landing back in Haneda.However it was not possible,After an incredible 10-15minutes with an uncontrollable 747,it crashed around MT.Takamagahara in Ueno Gunma Prefecture.
Miraculously there were 4 survivors in a crash that would be unlikely to have survivors .However 505 pax did not survive
The First wave up responders immediately acted but abandoned due to weather reasons.Many criticize that as they think more survivors could have been saved,As it was only 14hrs later that the first responders arrived.

The cause

The Japanese Aviation Accident Investigation Commission later found the cause to be a tailstirke 7years ago at RJOO and faulty maintenance not according to Boeing protocol lead to the incident.
As a result the aircraft decompressed,hydraulic systems failed,vertical stabilizer ripped off and all of that ultimately led to the crash.

Legacy and aftermath

After the incident the trust level from Japan Air dropped dramatically.Infact many of Japan’s pax switched to ANA.

A monument is built to remember JAL123 and an annual gathering every AUG12th at the crash site.

We learn how important maintenance is and how fragile a plane is in real life .IF is a different story…lol

Documentary for the avgeeks


Watched a air crash investigation on this, losing vertical control one of most scary things to happen to a plane imo.


Rest In Peace to all lives lost, we shall remember those lost in the single worst aviation disaster in the world…🇯🇵

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To all who are interested, the cockpit voice recorder had been uploaded on youtube. Salute to the crew who didn’t give up till the very end.
Link of the video: https://youtu.be/Xfh9-ogUgSQ


It was on the Japanese news today. Do you watch NHK?

Nope didn’t turn on the tv till Baseball
Usually watch Fuji TV Tokai TV or CBC

Oh High School Baseball? I live in Aichi(愛知) but I still cheer for the SF Giants. Wait sorry this is getting off topic…

What happened to the survivor afterwards?

Try giving this article a read, it’s quite interesting, and possibly answers your question sort of… :)

The four passengers, 1 Flight Attendant, A 12 Year Old Girl, And a Mother and Daughter.

The Articles speaks of what happened to the flight, and little bit about how the 12 year old girl “Kawakami, Keiko” survived and that she is still alive today, grown up.

And these here are my words but i’d assume she’s working and living a normal life, but that is probably difficult when knowing that your parents passed away in history’s “Worst Single Aircraft Crash”.

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I watched an ACI on this as well. I have to say that the pilots deserved to be congratulated for trying to save the plane till the very end!


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