[33 Attending][Sponsored by United and Alaska Virtual!] San Francisco Flyout - America's Busiest Volume Four @ KSFO - 071800ZDEC19

Welcome to Volume Four of Americas Busiest!


In this series we will explore the top ten busiest airports in the United States, starting with Charlotte and ending with Atlanta. All of these airports were ranked in the top 10 in passenger carry according to Wikipedia. Follow along and join as many events as you can, it is sure to be an amazing series. If you want to see the schedule of these events it will be listed below.

San Francisco | KSFO | 2019-12-07T08:00:00Z

New York | KJFK | 2019-12-22T08:00:00Z

Denver | KDEN | 2020-01-25T08:00:00Z

Dallas | KDFW | 2020-02-22T08:00:00Z

Chicago | KORD | 2020-03-21T07:00:00Z

Los Angeles | KLAX | 2020-04-25T07:00:00Z

Atlanta | KATL | 2020-05-23T07:00:00Z

About KSFO:

Airport Chart:

Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: KSFO (San Francisco)

Time: 2019-12-07T19:00:00Z


Spawn in 15 minutes before the event

Pay attention to the the event chat at all times

If ATC is active please follow all instructions

If there is only Unicom, please be respectful

Have fun!

Gate Assignments:

International Terminal


Cathay Pacific
Aer Lingus
Korean Air
Eva Air
Air New Zealand
Japan Airlines
Air Canada
Air India
Air China
British Airways

Gates - 7 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A02 Frontier A320 Cincinnati (KCVG)
A03 Cathay Pacific B744 Hong Kong (VHHX) @KennedyTurner
A04 Turkish B77W Istanbul (LTFM)
A05 British Airways A388 London (EGLL) @Altaria55
A06 Lufthansa A346 Munich (EDDM) @Lil_Qaz
A07 Emirates A388 Dubai (OMDB) @Captain_Tank
A08 Eva Air B77W Taipei (RCTP) @whiskeyalpha
A09 Qantas B744 Sydney (YSSY) @biscot
A10 Westjet B738 Vancouver (CYVR) @Sam73628
A11A AeroMexico B737 Guadalajara (MMGL)
A12 Air France A388 Paris (LFPG)
G91 Air Canada (Jazz) CRJ9 Edmonton (CYEG)
G92 Hawaiian B763 Kahuili (PHOG)
G93 Swiss International B77W Zurich (LSZH) @Brave_pilot
G94 Norwegian B789 London (EGKK) @Adam_Goodman
G95 Iberia A333 Barcelona (LEBL) @snoman
G96 ANA B77W Tokyo (RJAA)
G97 Swiss International B77W Zurich (LSZH) @Josh_Tomaz
G98 Air India B77L Delhi (VIDP)
G99 Air China B748 Beijing (ZBAA) @Cpt_Steph
G100 British Airways B744 London (EGLL) @Niccckk
G101 Lufthansa A388 Frankfurt (EDDF) @CaptainClark

Terminal 1



Gates - 12 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B22 JetBlue A321 Boston (KBOS) @JuanCrafter_Pro
B23 JetBlue A320 New York (KJFK)
B24 JetBlue E190 Long Beach (KLGB) @Lil_Seedy_Boi
B25 Southwest B737 Burbank (KBUR)
B26 Southwest B738 Chicago (KMDW)
B27 Southwest B737 Dallas (KDAL)
B28 Southwest B737 Denver (KDEN)
C40 Delta B752 Detroit (KDTW)
C41 Delta B739 Atlanta (KATL) @ThomasThePro
C42 Delta A321 Los Angeles (KLAX)
C43 Delta B738 Seattle (KSEA) @Kaleb_Jordan
C44 Delta A319 Salt Lake City (KSLC)
C45A Delta B752 New York (KJFK)
C45B American A321 Charlotte (KCLT)
C46 American A321 Philadelphia (KPHL) @ewong05
C47 American A321 Phoenix (KPHX)
C48 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX) @EpicNYC04

Terminal 2



Gates - 14 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D50A Alaska E175 Orange County/Santa Ana (KSNA) @bossflyer
D50B Alaska B738 Chicago (KORD)
D51A Alaska A320 San Diego (KSAN)
D51B Alaska A320 Los Cabos/San Jose (MMSD) @Oceanh
D52 Alaska B738 Seattle (KSEA)
D53 Alaska B739 Portland (KPDX)
D54A Alaska B738 Newark (KEWR)
D54B Alaska A320 Austin (KAUS)
D55 Alaska B739 Honolulu (PHNL)
D56A American A321 Chicago (KORD)
D56B American B738 Miami (KMIA) @ButterAllDay
D57 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Tyler_Cehelsky
D58A American A321 Charlotte (KCLT)
D58B American A321 Dallas (KDFW)
D59 Alaska A320 Las Vegas (KLAS)

Terminal 3



Gates - 34 Remaining
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
E60 United B738 Bozeman (KBZN)
E61 United B738 Spokane (KGEG)
E62 United B739 Baltimore (KBWI)
E63 United A320 Atlanta (KATL)
E64 United A320 Cincinnati (KCVG)
E65 United B738 Lihue/Kauai (PHLI) @anon39682098
E66 United B738 Vancouver (CYVR)
E67 United B739 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Eugene_Leybovich
E67A United E170 Tuscon (KTUS)
E68 United A320 Washington D.C. (KDCA) @m_de41
E69 United B739 Washington D.C. (KIAD)
F70 United CRJ7 Boise (KBOI)
F71A United B739 Columbus (KCMH)
F71B United E170 San Antonio (KSAT)
F72 United E170 Pheonix (KPHX)
F73A United A320 Portland (KPDX)
F73 United E170 Dallas (KDFW)
F74 United A320 Seattle (KSEA)
F75 United CRJ2 Santa Barbara (KSBA) @Plnelovr
F76 United E170 Albuquerque (KABQ)
F77A United E170 Bakersfield (KBFL)
F77B United CRJ2 Monterrey (KMRY)
F78 United CRJ7 Medford (KMFR)
F79 United B738 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
F80 United A320 Denver (KDEN)
F81 United B752 Boston (KBOS) @Jack_Q
F82 United B772 Newark (KEWR)
F83 United B78X Newark (KEWR) @LongHaulGuy
F84 United B738 Chicago (KORD)
F84A United CRJ2 Eugene (KEUG)
F84B United CRJ2 Burbank (KBUR)
F84C United CRJ2 Eureka (KACV)
F84D United CRJ2 Fresno/Yosemite (KFAT)
F85 United A320 Calgary (CYYC)
F86 United B78X Newark (KEWR) @BadPlane
F87 United B738 Kahuili/Maui (PHOG)
F87A United CRJ2 North Bend (KOTH)
F89 United B739 Detroit (KDTW)
F90 United A320 San Diego (KSAN)

Route substitutions are allowed, just provide proof of the route from https://flightaware.com/

Volume Three is still out, sign up before it’s to late!

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There is another event taking out lace at KSFO a few days before yours. I would suggest postponing this one and doing another one.


Could I take this one please? By the way, great looking event!

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I talked to @ButterAllDay and he said it was fine, besides, I couldn’t do a different airport because it’s a series and San Francisco is the 7th busiest airport

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The event really does look great. Nice job


Of course, thanks for signing up!

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Cool. Good luck for your event


Had to be the first one!

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I’ll take G100 to EGLL, please.

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Of course, thanks for coming!

A346 to Munich (EDDM) please

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Sure thing, nice route!


I will take F82 UA78X to Newark EWR, callsign UVAL122. One of my all time favorite routes/planes

Awesome, I’ll sign you up!

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@Plnelovr I’ll take A03, but can I have the aircraft changed to a B747-400 and the destination changed to VHHX to simulate a Kai Tac approach? Also, why is there an A320 to Denver in the International terminal?

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I’ll get you that gate, and to answer your question, Frontier operates it’s flights out of the A concourse which is the international terminal

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There’s a 30% chance I’ll attend, get me an Air France A380 Gate to Paris

I’ll get you a gate, thanks for joining!


Would it be possible to put WestJet 1775 (KSFO-CYVR) out of one of the A Concourse Gates in the International Terminal? If so, would it be possible to claim it. If not, I would like to claim the G91 Air Canada (Jazz) Edmonton flight.

It would certainly be possible, I’ll get you signed up!