32L at KORD ?

What is this there is RWY 32R there is just 33

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Most likely because KORD has not been updated in the database for quite some time. KORD has had a lot of runway removals and additions recently.

I’ll notify the airport editing team about this. Thanks for the report. :)

Edit: See next post.


Runway 33 was formerly Runway 32L from what I’ve found in wikipedia. Like Nathan said, It most likely because the airport hasn’t been updated yet.

I just checked the database and it seems like runway 32L has been changed to 33 a few months ago. We just have to wait for another update (likely global) so the airport scenery can also get updated. For now, it’ll have to stay as is until we get another scenery push. :)


O’hare’s working on fixing the runway setup to look similar to Atlanta’s it’ll make it easier too.

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