32 Hour Flight Shots!

Hello, IFC,

I just finished a 32 hour flight from LFPG to SOCA the long way.
I took an air france 777-200ER and landed for fuel in some wonderful places. (On Casual)
Here are my best shots:

1: Takeoff from NTTP!
2: Takeoff from NTTP!
4: Air France Sunset!
5: The beginning of my flight at LFPG
6: The wonderful table
7: A beautiful Russian Sunrise!
8: Approach into NTTP
9: Departure from NTTP.
Thank You!


Do you like these shots?

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How do you have the patience for flying 36 hours? 9 hours are usually enough for me lol. liked the 4th picture the most!

I flew 32 hours and it took 2 nights and 1 day of autopilot.

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Those are some very beautiful shots!

Well no one says you have to watch your flight the whole time, just set the autopilot right then get on with your life!
That being said, I feel sorry for your device, it had quite the workout there.

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My favourite is 3!

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