31OCT20 / 2100Z - The MASSIVE Zurich Flyout! @ LSZH

You can add me at your pms, but I want to clarify : maybe that it will not be me tomorrow. Zurich is featured, and all IFATC controllers can control it. We are not allowed to reserve frequencies, and as it’s a hub tomorrow, it will probably be controlled all the day. I told you that I will take it if the place is free, if no one else is already controlling. I hope that I will be able to, but if another IFATC is already controlling, I can’t take his place. Please note that I only will open if I can, and I didn’t reserved the frequency or said that the controller will be me.

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The event is today, and it’s ATC choice. That’s why we are deciding ATC early.

Currently we have:
@ToasterStroodie as approach and departure (Not confirmed)
@Z-Tube as tower or/and ground (Confirmed)
@I-am-the-captain-now as tower or/and ground (Unlikely)

As @I-am-the-captain-now is probably not coming and there will be many pilots, @Z-Tube can take one frequency and you @NoahBe can take the other.

Yeah, I’ll see with him how we want to organize, but please confirm me that you understood that if an IFATC take open Zürich ground, tower and atis at 2030z, I, @Z-Tube or no any other IFATC are authorized to say “hey, I said I was going to control for the event, give me your place”. We are also not authorized to say “I’m going to control at 2100z, let the place free please”. No one can guarantee his presence. We can say that we want to come, but we can’t affirm that we will. Because IFATC works with the first come first serve rules, if someone open the tower first, he has the tower, and we can’t reserve it. We can plan the way to control (witch runways are in use,…), but not who control.


We know that. What I’m saying is that if the frequencies are empty these people said they might join to give services, not that they may expel people from The frequencies

Ok, I just wanted to make sure that you understood that difference

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Yes I did, but anyway thanks!

Please can I have a gate to ZBAA China Airlines a330?


@tunamkol addhim in E56, asI doubt we will get another SIVA signup

Hey mate! I will give you the gate for now, but as it is reserved, if a SIVA member comes, they have priority, so you may have to pick another gate.

See you there! Thanks for joining.


Ok yeh that’s fine just tell me if any updates or else I will assume I have the gate.


I think all SIVA signups are now confirmed so release any reserved gates for the community and I will liaise with any last minute signups in house… don’t want anyone to miss out


The event is over! Thanks to EVERYONE who attended! And also special thanks to @Z-Tube and @Antoine_Turrian for volunteering to control at our event! It went all so smooth, thanks to you guys!

Make sure to check out our new event here!


It was a blast to control! I intend to put together a timelapse for this session, so we’ll see how that goes. Enjoy your flights, all!

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Massive thanks to @tunamkol and @GBKarp for organising everything… Happy Halloween and safe flights. From everyone at @SuisseVirtual - Thank You


Our pleasure! It was so fun making this event.

I want to thank you all at SIVA to sponsor the event and get us all those pilots. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys, thanks :-)


gonna be landing at JFK soon! and thank you all again for this amazing event!

Thank you for participating!

A few pictures of my departure out of Zürich.

Lined up on rwy 16, waiting for departing traffic on 28.

V1, Rotate!

SID left hand turn


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