31OCT20 / 2100Z - The MASSIVE Zurich Flyout! @ LSZH

Welcome to the Zurich Flyout!

Let’s fill Zurich Airport in this amazing flyout!

Presented to you by @tunamkol and @GBKarp

Sponsored by @SwissVirtual

This event will take place in the beautiful Swiss city of Zurich. Zurich is the biggest Swiss city, its home to around 400,000 people. This gorgeous city is located in north-central Switzerland, right at the north-western tip of Lake Zurich. Zurich is an upmarket banking city and the financial capital of Switzerland. It, therefore, is often labelled as the most expensive city in the world. Zurich is famous for luxurious lifestyles, high-end shopping, and fancy chocolates.

Zurich Airport (ICAO: LSZH IATA: ZRH) located 10 kilometres (6 miles) from the city centre. it is the biggest and the busiest airport in Switzerland. It has two 10000ft + runways (16/34, 14/32) and an 8000ft runway (10/28) , bringing it to total of 3 runways. This airport has 3 terminals.

This airport as bulit between 1946 and 1948. However, new terminals were added throghout the 20th century.

Zurich airport is a hub of Swiss International Airlines and a destination airport for nearly all major European airlines.

Airport Diagrams


Server - Expert
Airport - LSZH
Day and Time - 2020-10-31T21:00:00Z

@GBKarp will make posts about the event on his Youtube and Instagram.

Terminal A (Schengen and Domestic Flights)
Gate Destination Aircraft&Airline Assignment
42 Athens (LGAV) Aegean A320
43 Dublin (EIDW) Aer Lingus A359 @Aviation2929
44 Riga (EVRA) Air Baltic Q400 @DeltaFox
45 Paris (LFPG) Air France A319 @Vadim
46 Rome (LIRF) Alitalia E190 (Generic)
47 Vienna (LOWW) Austrian A320 @CallumH03
48 Helsinki (EFHK) Finnair A321 @GBKarp
49 Amsterdam (EHAM) KLM B738
50 Frankfurt (EDDF) Lufthansa A320 @FlightisticYT
51 Madrid (LEMD) SWISS A319 @IF-Mallorca
53 Bucharest (LRBS) SWISS A319 @GameBoy_KIRB
55 Nice (LFMN) SWISS A319 Reserved for SIVA
57 Barcelona (LEBL) Vueling A320 @mariomartinsancho
Terminal B (Non-Schengen and Schengen Flights)
Gate Destination Aircraft&Airline Assignment
31 Moscow (UUEE) Aeroflot A320
32 Tel Aviv (LLBG) El Al B738 @KCAviation
33 Alicante (LEAL) EasyJet A320
35 Zagreb (LDZA) Croatian Dash-8 @AGSilver_04
37 Copenhagen (EKCH) SWISS A321 @Swiss69
38 Lisbon (LPPT) SWISS A319 @Johancy_Mejia1
39 Oslo (ENGM) SWISS A321 @Half-Aviation
41 Kiev (UKKK) SWISS A319
43 Brussels (EBBR) SWISS A319 @PATOU95
52 Warsaw (EPWA) SWISS A321
53 Dusseldorf (EDDL) SWISS A319 @elitespeed00 / SIVA 316
56 Prague (LKPR) SWISS A319 Reserved for SIVA
57 Manchester (EGCC) SWISS A319 SIVA004 / @CO99
67 Milan (LIMC) SWISS A319 Reserved for SIVA
Terminal E (Non-Schengen and International Flights)
Gate Destination Aircraft&Airline Assignment
19 Sao Paulo (SBGR) SWISS 77W @CLTaviation13
20 Hong Kong (VHHH) SWISS 77W SIVA165 / @Charter
23 Los Angeles (KLAX) SWISS 77W @Average_Gamer
26 New York (KJFK) SWISS 77W @William_Walker
27 San Francisco (KSFO) SWISS 77W SIVA003 / @SunDown
34 Singapore (WSSS) SWISS 77W @Luca_Arrowsmith
35 Singapore (WSSS) SWISS 77W SIVA606 / @Thomas_Kessler
42 Chicago (KORD) SWISS A333 SIVA180 / @Alexandre
43 New York (KJFK) SWISS 77W @ORD777flyer
47 Singapore (WSSS) SWISS 77W @tunamkol
52 Dubai (OMDB) SWISS 77W @Canadian_Aviator
56 Beijing (ZBAA) China Airlines A333 @airbus7447skyhawk
57 Bangkok (VTBS) SWISS 77W SIVATWO / @CPTWilliam
67 Dubai (OMDB) Emirates A380 @Infinite_Josh
Cargo Gates (Pilot Choice)
Gate Destination Aircraft&Airline Assignment
Apron D 02 São Paulo (SBGR) SWISS 77W @Gabriel_Gava
Apron D 04 Mumbai (VIDP) SWISS 77W @Captain_Sid
Apron D 07 Delhi (VIDP) SWISS 77W @thenewpilot
Apron D 10 Bangkok (VTBS) SWISS 77W @Jamie_Walker
Apron D 13 Santiago (SCEL) SWISS 77W @RicardoRickyTheodore (SIVA356)
Apron D 16 Paris (LFPG) Air France 77W @aircasa_88
Apron C 59 Istanbul (LTFM) Turkish 77W @Nee
Apron C 57 Johannesburg (FAOR) SWISS MD11 @Joel

Event Sponsor


SWISS International VA has the goal of bringing unparalleled excellence to the Infinite Flight Community, whilst still maintaining the incredibly exciting and joyous aspects of a Virtual Airline Membership.

Everything SWISS VA does is done with the utmost quality; a perfect representation of the excellence shown by the real-life Swiss Air Lines, and of Swiss design in general.

SWISS Virtual uses real-life routes for Swiss and Edelweiss which consist of our 1500+ schedules which pilots are able to fly.

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Make sure to check this guide for some critical info about this airport!


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.
  • IFATC may or may not be available for the event, if not use UNICOM correctly.
  • We recommend checking the airport diagrams above and using flight plan creators such as FPLtoIF.com.
  • Have fun and enjoy the event!

Thank you for checking out our event! Make sure to grab a gate!

Photo/info Sources: Infinite Flight Social Media, Wikipedia, GetByBus.com, hotel-bb.eu


You guys are so smart because 20.2 will not be out later than then so you grabbed all the 77W gates lol I will take a gate to LAX! See you there


Yes, we are hoping 20.2 will come out before!

Sure, you got the gate, thanks for joining!


See you there!


Great work guys 👏🏻

Term B Gate 57 SWISS to EGCC for me please (SIVA004)


Terminal E. Gate 20. To VHHH.

Thank you!



Terminal E
Gate 35
Thanks (SIVA 606)


Can I have this gate please

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Can I have the flight to Singapore please?

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New Signups:


Thanks a lot for joining, see you there!


I’d gladly grab the SWISS flight to Bangkok VTBS, SIVATWO.


Sure, thanks a lot for joining!

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Can I have this one?

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Absolutely! Thanks a lot for joining, see you there!

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Attention pilots! If the update doesn’t come until the flyout, you may still use the updated 77W by using the Beta!

Let’s fill Zurich!!!

Lamest event ever…

I was just kidding, wanted to shock ya’ll @Tunamkol @Gbkarp 😂 I would’ve loved to attend, it’s just a bit late for me :(


Lol you know when you get a notification you only see the first line 😂


The Trickster


Ill take this!

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