31OCT20 / 2000Z - Waves Of Blue @ KORD

What terminal are we spawning at, Misha?

Looking forward to this flash flight! Should be a bunch of fun!


It’s at my home airport! :D


To everyone joining,

Feel free to copy the flight plan from me, My callsign is “M-AGIC” and I’m just under runway 4L.

And I will be looking to cruise at FL380 @ M0.84, do feel free to cruise lower if you are a tad heavier.

We also have extra special guests, Deercrusher and Declan.


As a ORD realism police, thanks for spawning at the united terminal!

I made sure I checked before loading in!

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When are we supposed to pushback?

about 28 minutes ago, but still time to join in if you are quick!

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Thanks to everyone who came by for the Flash Flight!

All of the KORD IFATC Team wishes you a great flight and landing into Los Angeles!
Jarrett- KORD South G
Rhys (me)- KORD North G
Eddie- KORD North T
Luca- KORD South T
Shane- KORD Approach
Danny- KORD Departure
Jared- Chicago Center


Damn I’m only seeing it now!

Sad I missed it, hope it’s a safe landing for all! Happy Halloween 🎃


Thank you all!


Awesome flight, y’all! You all did great!


Will the ATC at klax be open for about 20 minutes after 12. I took off about 30 minutes late and from the looks of it there are a few people near me as well who’ll be arriving at a similar time

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Welcome to the community, Anthony!

Today’s main HUB airport is LAX, so it will be open way until 0600Z. :)

Hi thanks for the reply, I’ve been playing infinite flight for a few years and looking at the forums here and there for about a year now. This was my first ever post though🤣🤣


GTTAAADCS currently going at KLAX, as a reminder, please follow all instructions and maintain proper aircraft separation through the approach. 124.50 and 128.50 are the main approach frequencies, 124.50 is handling south, 128.50 is handling north, and 125.20 (my frequency) is handling excess + initial work + west arrivals. Thanks!

Thanks for joining in on the flight everyone!

See you in the next one.


Great flight everyone! ATC on point on both ends as well.

Unfortunately i was not be able to participate in this event but lucky i was with you all coming from EGLL and landed at KLAX together!! 🤩