31OCT20 / 1300Z - Connecting Two End's Of The USA! @ KMCO - KLAX

My Very First Infinite Flight Event!

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Orlando International Airport (KMCO)


Flight Time: 4 Hours 50 Minutes

GATE Airline & Fleet Pilot Username
Gate 80 Delta B772 ER @aryachopra
Gate 81 Delta B767 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
Gate 82 Delta B737-900 @Udeme_Ekpo
Gate 83 JetBlue A321 @Butter1
Gate 84 Delta B772 ER @Patrick_Sterling_Jr
Gate 85 Delta A350 @capt_joaochrist
Gate 82J Delta B772 ER @soorajrajivekumar
Gate 86J Frontier A321 @AmtrakEngineerDEN
Gate 87B American B77W @Half-Aviation

Orlando International Airport Charts:

  • Gates are assigned.
  • Spawn in 10 minutes prior to take-off.
  • Copy FPL from me @aryachopra
  • ATC will be present in KLAX. Be respectful.
  • Cruise - 36,000 ft (FL360)
  • Speed - 240 knots till 10,000 ft

275 knots till 20,000 ft

300 knots till 28,000 ft

Mach 0.86 till cruise.

  • After arrival, park at any free gate as KLAX will be busy.

what is the Flight time and the aircraft?

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Let me clarify, the time is 0630 Zulu and 0230 EST? That’s way too early for me to get up lol.

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5 Hours United 772 - ER

Yeah. True

RIP in the chat…

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Sorry.There’s no way I’m getting up at 2:30 AM. I would join if it was later like maybe 0800 EST or 1200 Zulu, but for now, it’s a no for me.

Yeah, that will be too early for me. I feel like falling back to sleep after I cruise and I don’t play IF during bedtime.

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Maybe it’s pm.

He already said it’s an AM flight.

I have school. No thanks lol

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On Saturday School? @RyGuy1

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I also want to join but it’s too early for me…

News for everyone! Since everybody finds the time too early, new time is 1300 zulu!

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I’ll do that. To fly the Delta B737-900 KMCO-KLAX Delta 702

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And Los Angeles KLAX is gonna be active 😆
How bout that.

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And after this event, I will go to Denpasar Indonesia

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So you’ll be there at 1300 zulu?

Yeah, at KMCO airport at 1300Z not Denpasar that’s after I landed in Los Angeles

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Perfect! I will assign you a gate!

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