31MAY20 / 1900Z - LA to the World! - SFS 6.5 @ KLAX

Snoman’s Flyout Series: Los Angeles International Airport Flyout Co-hosted by @Thunderbolt!

Howdy everyone! We are now well into my flyout series, Snoman’s Flyout Series! You can read about it here:

This May, the featured region is SoCal! You can find all of the other events on the thread I linked above.

Event Co-host: @Thunderbolt

I’m super excited to be working with @Thunderbolt for not just this event, but the whole SoCal region. He is the perfect person to work with because he lives in the area!

Event Partner: Global Airtours

Application | Thread | Website | YouTube | Instagram

Note : All Global Airtours pilots will receive a 2x multiplier during this event.

Event Partner: Alaska Virtual

LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world! It is a hub for almost all US airlines, although it isn’t dominated by a single airline. It also boasts large markets to Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Europe!

Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2020-05-31T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: Spawn 10-15 minutes before event. Respect IFATC or UNICOM, whichever is present.

Special Liveries
The following aircraft have special liveries available for the taking. Just let me know if you want one.

Air New Zealand 777-300ER
  • All Blacks
Alaska 737-900
  • More to Love
American 737-800
  • Astrojet
  • TWA
Southwest 737-700
  • Desert Gold
  • Shamu
United 757-200
  • Star Alliance

The Gates:

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
9 Southwest 737-700 Albuquerque-KABQ
11A Southwest 737-700 New Orleans-KMSY
11B Southwest 737-700 Denver-KDEN
12A Southwest 737-700 Sacramento-KSMF
13 Southwest 737-800 Atlanta-KATL @Sticks
15 Southwest 737-800 Baltimore-KBWI
16 Southwest 737-700 Dallas Love-KDAL @Dendenawesome_14
17A Southwest 737-800 Chicago Midway-KMDW @Gavin_cx
17B Southwest 737-700 San Jose-KSJC @BigBert10
18A Southwest 737-700 Houston Hobby-KHOU
18B Southwest 737-700 Oakland-KOAK @spotterbenni

Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
21 Aeromexico 737-700 Guadalajara-MMGL @Cap_Raimundo
22 Delta 777-200ER Tokyo Haneda-RJTT @Yan07
23A Aer Lingus A350-900 Dublin-EIDW
24 Aeromexico 737-700 Guadalajara-MMGL @AliAlex
24A Aeromexico 737-700 Mexico City-MMMX @Delta07
25 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 London Heathrow-EGLL @Bryan
26 Delta A321 Atlanta-KATL
27 Delta 737-900 Detroit-KDTW @Game_player
28 Delta 737-900 Minneapolis-KMSP @Kevinsoto1502

Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
30 Delta E170 San Diego-KSAN
31A Delta 767-300 New York JFK-KJFK
31B WestJet 737-800 Edmonton-CYEG
32 WestJet 737-700 Calgary-CYYC
33A Delta 737-800 Columbus-KCMH @SeekingSunsets229
33B Delta A319 Austin-KAUS
34 Delta 757-200 San Jose de Costa Rica-MROC @Udeme_Ekpo
35 Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City-KSLC @PilotChrisSG
36 Delta 767-300ER New York-KJFK @Delta23
37A Delta 757-200 Orlando-KMCO
37B Delta 737-800 Seattle-KSEA
38B Delta 777-200ER Paris CDG-LFPG

Terminal 4
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
40 American A320 San Antonio-KSAT
41 American 787-9 Sao Paulo-SBGR
42A American A321 Philadelphia-KPHL @Bryan4558
42B American A321 Kailua/Kona-PHKO @RitzRegis
43 American 787-9 Beijing-ZBAA
45 American 737-800 Miami-KMIA @ORD777flyer
46A American A320 St. Louis-KSTL
46B American 737-800 Los Cabos-MMSD
46C American A320 Louisville-KSDF
47A American A321 New York JFK-KJFK
47B American A321 Honolulu-PHNL @anon20272091
48A American A320 Indianapolis-KIND @Continental
48X American 787-9 Buenos Aires-SAEZ @CamiloRincon
49A American 737-800 Belize City-MZBZ

Terminal 5
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
50A American A321 Washington National-KDCA
50B American 737-800 (Old Livery) Las Vegas-KLAS @Itsumi
51A Allegiant A320 Cincinnati-KCVG
52A Spirit A321 Chicago O’Hare-KORD
52B Spirit A320 Nashville-KBNA
53B American 787-9 Dallas/Ft. Worth-KDFW @Lilmike
54A Spirit A320 Las Vegas-KLAS @ATCEthan
54B Hawaiian 767-300 Kahului-PHOG @Devon
55 American A321 Charlotte-KCLT
56 JetBlue A321 Ft. Lauderdale-KFLL
57 American A321 Chicago O’Hare-KORD @charrison
58 Hawaiian 767-300 Honolulu-PHNL @Ashaan_Andy_Asif
59 JetBlue A320 Buffalo-KBUF

Terminal 6
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
60 Alaska 737-800 Kahului-PHOG @Pilotcamcam (ASVA100)
61 Alaska Pilot Choice Pilot Choice Reserved for ASVA
62 Alaska Pilot Choice Pilot Choice Reserved for ASVA
63 Alaska Pilot Choice Pilot Choice Reserved for ASVA
64 Alaska Pilot Choice Pilot Choice Reserved for ASVA
65A Alaska Pilot Choice Pilot Choice Reserved for ASVA
65B Alaska Pilot Choice Pilot Choice Reserved for ASVA
66 Viva Aerobús A320 Guadalajara-MMGL
67 Alaska A320 Portland-KPDX
68A Air Canada A321 Vancouver-CYVR @Pajd02
68B Air Canada 787-9 Toronto-CYYZ @CheetahGaming_YT
69A Alaska 737-800 Zihuantanejo-MMZH @Finley_Skaggs
69B Air Canada A321 Montreal-CYUL

Terminal 7
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
70A United 737-800 Lihue-PHLI
70B United 757-200 Denver-KDEN
71A United 737-900 Houston Bush-KIAH
71B United A320 San Francisco-KSFO
72 United 787-10 Newark-KEWR @CaptainLeo1
73 United 737-800 Washington Dulles-KIAD
74 United 787-9 Sydney-YSSY
75A United 737-900 Boston-KBOS
75B United 737-900 Cancun-MMUN
76 United 787-9 Melbourne-YMML
77 United 787-9 Shanghai-ZSPD

Terminal 8
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
80 United 737-900 Cleveland-KCLE
81 United CRJ-200 Monterrey-KMRY
82 United CRJ-700 Colorado Springs-KCOS
83 United CRJ-700 San Luis Obispo-KSBP
84 United CRJ-700 Santa Barbara-KSBA @Jacklcsm
85 United CRJ-200 Palm Springs-KPSP
87 United CRJ-200 San Diego-KSAN
88 United CRJ-200 Reno/Tahoe-KRNO @Cap_J

The Box (Eagle's Nest)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
The Box Remote 52A American E175 (US Airways) Omaha-KOMA
The Box Remote 52C American CRJ-700 Oklahoma City-KOKC
The Box Remote 52D American CRJ-700 Fresno-KFAT
The Box Remote 52E American CRJ-700 Eugene-KEUG
The Box Remote 52F American CRJ-700 Redmond-KRDM
The Box Remote 52G American CRJ-700 Salt Lake City-KSLC
The Box Remote 52H American CRJ-700 Tucson-KTUS
The Box Remote 52I American CRJ-700 Phoenix-KPHX

Tom Bradley International Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
130 Lufthansa A340-600 Munich-EDDM
131 China Airlines A350-900 Taipei-RCTP
132 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 Papeete-NTAA
133 JAL 787-9 Osaka-RJBB
134 Air New Zealand 777-300ER Auckland-NZAA @Branstar_247
135 Etihad 777-300ER Abu Dhabi-OMAA @tunamkol
137 Volaris A319 Aguascalientes-MMAS
139 Volaris A319 Uruapan-MMPN
141 LATAM 767-300 (LAN) Lima-SPJC
148 Korean A380 Seoul-RKSI
150 KLM 747-400 Amsterdam-EHAM
151 Copa 737-800 Panama City-MPTO
152 Air France A380 Paris CDG-LFPG
153 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore-WSSS @Frequentfliyer
154 British Airways 747-400 London Heathrow-EGLL
155 Asiana A350-900 Seoul-RKSI
156 Emirates A380 Dubai-OMDB @Shiv
157 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER Hong Kong-VHHH
159 Lufthansa A380 Frankfurt-EDDF @Airguide

Remote International Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
201 Avianca A330-300 (Generic) Bogota-SKBO @Culosotar
202 Swiss 777-300ER Zurich-LSZH
202A Avianca A320 San Salvador-MSLP
205 Turkish 777-300ER Istanbul-LTFM
206 Norweigan 787-9 Madrid-LEMD
207 Norweigan 787-9 Barcelona-LEBL @mariomartinsancho
208 Norwegian 787-9 Paris CDG-LFPG
209 Norweigan 787-9 London Gatwick-EGKK
210 Iberia A330-300 (Generic) Madrid-LEMD
211 Alitalia 777-200ER Rome-LIRF @GlobalFlyer1
212 El Al 787-10 Tel Aviv-LLBG @Charlieab29
213 Philippines Airlines 777-300ER Manila-RPLL
214 Finnair A350-900 Helsinki-EFHK
215 China Southern 787-8 Guangzhou-ZGGG
216 Fiji Airways A350 (Generic) Nadi-NFFN
217 LOT 787-8 Warsaw-EPWA
218 LATAM 787-9 Santiago-SCEL
219 China Eastern 777-300ER Shanghai-ZSPD
341 Xiamen Air 787-8 Xiamen-ZSAM
342 Virgin Australia 777-300ER Melbourne-YMML
343 Virgin Australia 777-300ER Sydney-YSSY
344 Aeroflot A330-300 Moscow-UUEE
345 Qatar 777-200LR Doha-OTHH
Qantas Maintenance 1 Qantas 787-9 Brisbane-YBBN
Qantas Maintenance 2 Qantas A380 Sydney-YSSY
Qantas Maintenance 3 Qantas A380 Melbourne-YMML

Global Airtours Reserved Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Atlantic Aviation 1 737-700BBJ Miami-KMIA @Dylan_T
FBO Atlantic Aviation 2 A318 Miami-KMIA @shatti
FBO Atlantic Aviation 3 737-700BBJ San Francisco-KSFO @Akms_Aviation
FBO Atlantic Aviation 4 C208 Palm Springs-KPSP @MJP_27
FBO Atlantic Aviation 5
FBO Atlantic Aviation 6
FBO Atlantic Aviation 7
FBO Atlantic Aviation 8
FBO Atlantic Aviation 9

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 1 FedEx MD11F Chicago O’Hare-KORD
FedEx Cargo Apron 2 FedEx MD11F Ft. Worth Alliance-KAFW
FedEx Cargo Apron 3 FedEx MD11F Indianapolis-KIND
FedEx Cargo Apron 4 FedEx 777-200F Newark-KEWR
FedEx Cargo Apron 5 FedEx MD11F Memphis-KMEM
FedEx Cargo Apron 6 FedEx MD11F Oakland-KOAK
FedEx Cargo Apron 7 FedEx MD11F Ontario-KONT
FedEx Cargo Apron 8 FedEx 757-200 Orange County-KSNA
Imperial Cargo Apron 1 China Cargo Airlines 777-200F Shanghai Pudong-ZSPD
Imperial Cargo Apron 2 Korean Cargo 777-200F San Francisco-KSFO
Imperial Cargo Apron 3 Korean Cargo 777-200F Seoul-RKSI
Imperial Cargo Apron 4 Korean Cargo 777-200F Dallas/Ft. Worth-KDFW
Imperial Cargo Apron 5 Nippon Cargo 747-8 Tokyo Narita-RJAA
Imperial Cargo Apron 6 Qatar Cargo 777-200F Mexico City-MMMX
Imperial Cargo Apron 7 Qatar Cargo 777-200F Miami-KMIA
Imperial Cargo Apron 8 Atlas Air 747-400 Anchorage-PANC
Imperial Cargo Apron 9 Aerologic 777-200F Frankfurt-EDDF
Imperial Cargo Apron 10 AeroUnión 767-300 (Generic) Mexico City-MMMX @AviatorNikola
Southeast Cargo Apron 1 Cargolux 747-8 Glasgow Prestwick-EGPK
Southeast Cargo Apron 2 Cargolux 747-8 Luxembourg-ELLX
Southeast Cargo Apron 3 Cargolux 747-8 Milan Malpensa-LIMC
Southwest Cargo Apron 1 UPS 757-200 Louisville-KSDF
Southwest Cargo Apron 2 UPS 757-200 Dallas/Ft. Worth-KDFW
Southwest Cargo Apron 3 Southern Air 777-200F Leipzig/Halle-EDDP
Southwest Cargo Apron 4 Southern Air 777-200F Honolulu-PHNL
Southwest Cargo Apron 5 Southern Air 777-200F Hong Kong-VHHH
Southwest Cargo Apron 6 Southern Air 777-200F Tokyo Narita-RJAA
Southwest Cargo Apron 7 DHL 757-200 Cincinnati-KCVG

Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Signature Flight Support 1
FBO Signature Flight Support 2
FBO Signature Flight Support 3
FBO Signature Flight Support 4

The International Terminal at LAX is named after Tom Bradley. Who was Tom Bradley?

  • A Famous Surfer
  • Football Quarterback
  • Founder of In’N’Out Burger
  • Former Mayor of Los Angeles
  • Inventor of Aviation

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you there!


Can I get this one?

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Sure thing!

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Hi, nice job on the event! Could I please have gate 72 (which is to EWR on the 78X) Thanks :)

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Sure thing!



This event is now partnered with Alaska Virtual (ASVA)!

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Can I get this one please.

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Awesome, thx :)

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Can I take a Delta 737-800 to SEA

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Can I get 737-700 gate 11b to Denver international please

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@Yan07 @ORD777flyer @Bryan you’ve been signed up!

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Event date has been moved back 24hrs to Sunday, May 31


What does it mean when you say special liverys?

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Good question! Those are liveries that are unique to a single aircraft in real life! In order to maintain maximum realism only one pilot is allowed to fly with that livery.

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Can you mark me down for the Illinois One livery please if no body else has it yet,
Also there is Not a Hawaiian air a330 in infinite flight.

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Sure thing! Yes, I put the Hawaiian flight as with the generic livery

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Thank you sir!!

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I’ll take a gate up to San Jose (Southwest Airlines) please! 😃

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I will take this gate please, thank you

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Can I take gate 207 (Norwegian 787-9 to Barcelona-LEBL), please?