31MAY20 / 1700Z - FINISHED - Around The Alps - Genova flyout @ LIMJ

Will hop to geneva myself

Alright, so here is the plan:

Runaway in use: 28
Ready for pushback: 17:00Z


Are aircraft parked on a remote stand capable of taxiing onto the taxiway? There is a dashed line that guides to it.

Which remote stands? Everything seems okay to my eye

E.g RS206. May I taxi out of the parking lot or is pushback required?

Oof sorry to talk in here, but rn I could attend it, but my WiFi that started to work said no, it turns off every minute

@Alexander_Nikitin Thank you for the event! Excellent choice of airport.

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Thanks to everyone who attended!

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Great event, here some screenshots:

Departing out of Genova

Cruising over the windy Alps

Early landing on Schiphol (I am not used to E190)

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Well from what I can see you still buttered

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