31MAY20 / 1700Z - Baltic landscapes @EETN-EVRA-EYVI

The Baltic landscapes event

Welcome to the Baltic countries. Welcome to one of the lesser-known European locations. Indeed, we’re about here to explore 3 closer countries, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia by their own capital Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga. It is a matter of meeting up all together in each of the 3 airports and then leaving for other destinations in Europe, or else flying between these 3 countries. Let’s enjoy theses 3 different airports!

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Date May 31th
Time 1700Z
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Riga Airport - EVRA

Riga International Airport is the international airport of Riga, the capital of Latvia, and the largest airport in the Baltic states with direct flights to 76 destinations as of November 2019. It serves as a hub for airBaltic, SmartLynx Airlines, RAF-Avia and as one of the base airports for Wizz Air.

EVRA charts

Airport Diagram

Ground charts

SID&STAR coming prior to the event

Vilnius airport - EYVI

Vilnius Airport is the international airport of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is located 5.9 km south of the city. It is the largest of the three commercial airports in Lithuania by passenger traffic. With one runway and 5 million passengers a year.

EYVI charts

Airport Diagram

Ground charts

SID&STAR coming prior to the event

Tallinn Lennart airport - EETN

Tallinn Airport or Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is the largest airport in Estonia and serves as a hub for the national airline Nordica, as well as the secondary hub for AirBaltic and LOT Polish Airlines. It was also the home base of the now defunct national airline Estonian Air.

EETN charts

Airport Diagram

Ground charts

SID&STAR coming prior to the event

It is planned to have mainly domestic flights between the 3 airports, this is why you can have access to some information, with Flight Plans, to follow. You’ll find the different charts linked above for each airport, including Grounds charts, with all the taxi plans, appropriated SIDs and STARs that will be posted a few hours prior to the event.

Domestic Plans







These three Baltic airports that we are going to explore are connected to all of Europe, which leaves a great variety of choices!

From Tallinn

Arrival Airport ICAO code Aircraft - livery Distance Flight Time
Riga EVRA DH8D - AirBaltic 153nm 0h50
Vilnius EYVI DH8D - AirBaltic 288nm 1h30
Warsav EPWA E170 - LOT 454nm 1h50
Frankfurt EDDF A320 - Lufthansa 792nm 2h35
Liege EBLG B737 - ASL (generic) 844nm 2h50
Milan LIME B738 - Ryanair 987nm 2h50
Stocholm ESSA B737 - SAS 209nm 0h55
Athens LGAV A320 - Aegan 1290nm 3h20
Helsinki EFHK A321 - Finnair 54nm 0h25
Kutaisi UGKO A320 - Wizzair 1225nm 3h15
London EGSS B738 - Ryanair 935nm 2h40
Moscow UUEE A320 - Aeroflot 453nm 1h40
Copenhagen EKCH B738 - SAS 451nm 1h35
Dublin EIDW B738 - Ryanair 1081nm 3h00

From Riga

Arrival Airport ICAO code Aircraft - livery Distance Flight Time
Tallinn EETN DH8D - AirBaltic 153nm 0h50
Vilnius EYVI DH8D - AirBaltic 144nm 0h40
Amsterdam EHAM DH8D - AirBaltic 720nm 2h20
Helsinki EFHK A321 - Finnair 206nm 1h15
Reykjavik BIKF A321 - Wizzair 2265nm 5h20
London EGGW A320 - Wizzair 911nm 2h50
Oslo ENGM A320 - Wizzair 449nm 1h25
Munchen EDDM DH8D - AirBaltic 520nm 1h55
Eindhoven EHEH A320 - Wizzair 728nm 2h35
London EGSS B738 - Ryanair 877nm 2h45
Vienna LOWW DH8D - AirBaltic 595nm 2h10
Hannover EDDV DH8D - AirBaltic 562nm 1h55
Belavia UMMS CRJ200 - Belavia 250nm 1h05

From Vilnius

Arrival Airport ICAO code Aircraft - livery Distance Flight Time
Riga EVRA DH8D - AirBaltic 144nm 0h40
Tallinn EETN DH8D - AirBaltic 288nm 1h30
Tel Aviv LLBG A320 - Wizzair 1420nm 3h35
London EGGW A321 - Wizzair 931nm 2h40
Stocholm ESSA B737 - SAS 384nm 1h40
Kyiv UKBB B739 - Ukraine Internationnal 330nm 1h25
Eindhoven EHEH A320 - Wizzair 740nm 2h20
Milano LIMC A320 - Wizzair 833nm 2h30
Barçelona LEBL A321 - Wizzair 1220nm 3h10
Paris LFOB B738 - Ryanair 900nm 2h35
Karstrup EKCH B738 - SAS 437nm 1h20
Madrid LEMD B738 - Ryanair 1430nm 3h40
London EGSS B738 - Ryanair 925nm 2h35
Frankfurt EDDF A320 - Lufthansa 670nm 1h55
Minsk UMMS CRJ200 - Belavia 106nm 0h35
Nice LFMN A320 - Wizzair 963nm 2h40

To reserve a gate, please answer this thread with the following informations : gate, route, aircraft, and callsign that you will be using. Please have a look at the following columns so you don’t request an already took gate.
More gates would be added if needed.

Gates Assignment

Tallinn - EETN
Gate Arrival Airport ICAO Aircraft IFC user
Gate M02 Milan LIME B738 - Ryanair @AFKLM_Alexandre
Gate M05 Dublin EIDW B738 - Ryanair @Igor_M
Gate M04 ICAO
Gate M07 ICAO
Gate M06 ICAO
Gate M09 ICAO
Gate M08 ICAO
Gate M13 ICAO
Gate M12 ICAO
Gate M15 ICAO
Remote Stand M14 ICAO
Remote Stand M18 ICAO
Remote Stand M20 ICAO
Remote Stand M24 ICAO
Remote Stand M26 ICAO
Remote Stand M30 ICAO
Remote Stand M16 ICAO
Remote Stand M22 ICAO
Remote Stand M28 ICAO
Riga - EVRA
Gate Arrival Airport ICAO Aircraft IFC user
Remote stand 311 Kiev UKKK A320 - Wizzair @Tsumia
Remote stand 312 Tallinn EETN DH8D - AirBaltic @Alexian61
Remote stand 313 ICAO
Remote stand 314 ICAO
Remote stand 315 ICAO
Remote stand 316 ICAO
Remote stand 317 ICAO
Remote stand 321 ICAO
Remote stand 322 ICAO
Remote stand 323 ICAO
Remote stand 324 ICAO
Remote stand 325 ICAO
Remote stand 326 ICAO
Remote stand 327 ICAO
Gate 302 ICAO
Gate 303 ICAO
Gate 304 ICAO
Gate 305 ICAO
Gate 306 ICAO
Gate 307 ICAO
Gate 308 ICAO
Gate 309 ICAO
Vilnius - EYVI
Gate Arrival Airport ICAO Aircraft IFC user
Remote Stand 01 Nice côte d’Azur LFMN A320 - Wizzair @AviatorAlex
Remote Stand 02 ICAO
Remote Stand 03 ICAO
Remote Stand 05 ICAO
Remote Stand 06 ICAO
Remote Stand 07 ICAO
Remote Stand 08 ICAO
Remote Stand 12 ICAO
Remote Stand 13 ICAO
Remote Stand 14 ICAO
Remote Stand 18 ICAO
Remote Stand 19 ICAO
Remote Stand 22 ICAO
Remote Stand 23 ICAO
Remote Stand 24 ICAO
Remote Stand 25 ICAO
Remote Stand 26 ICAO

Wizzair Virtual

This Event is sponsored by @WizzAirVirtual . It is a very present company in the Baltic countries which makes several flights to Europe, that’s why their pilots will be present, we thank them very much for coming !


Not sure if I can come, but @Tsumia would be ecstatic to see this.

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Time to bring out my realism filter… Gotta make it the best I can.

First off, now is not a great time to host a Baltic flyout simply because it’s lacking in aircraft, most specifically Air Baltic and their A220. They’ve retired the Q400 which is an extra limitation but I’ll let that bit slide as it holds many regional routes.

Operated with an E170.

Never seen this being operated.

SSJ100s and A320s are used.

Never really operates with the Q400.

Like above, not really operated with the Q400. This does apply with a number of routes that I won’t quote for convenience.

That’s all I gathered. I’d appreciate some addressing to those so that the quality is at it’s best.


What do you mean :) ?

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I got theses routes from FR24 @Tsumia

I don’t get where you got the 787 from on EETN-EPWA.


Spotted it yesterday :))

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Has to be an unusual case. Flightera, Flightconnections, Google Flights and numerous booking engines say it’s either the CRJ or the E-Jet. I suggest going for the usual aircraft used in this case :^)


Let’s have fun! Don’t hesitate guys to tell me if you want more destinations to be added. Atm I added thoses that were flown this week

@Tsumia 👀😏

Since it’s a real operated route from EVRA…

I’ll take any gate in a Wizz Air A320 to UKKK. I wanna check it out as it was recently updated :)

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I added you. Thanks for coming, will update this route tomorrow in destinations

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Hello! Could you sign me up for this one, please?

It looks really nice to me Ba-dum-tss

P.S. Will the fact I’m not in Wizz VA be a problem?

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Not at all, my friend. Wizzair Virtual is a great addition into this event but everyone is welcome in!

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Can I have this one?

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Thank you, my friend, stay safe!

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Sure, you are now in. Thanks for coming too 👍

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Hey man, any chance I could get a gate from Tallinn to Dublin with Ryanair? The flight number is FR1797 and this flight is operated in real life

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Roger! I will add it tomorrow, thanks @Igor_M

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You are in ! Thx for joining!