31MAY20 / 1600Z | Aloha Virtual Presents: Project Maui | Part 1: Hilo Flyout @ PHTO [IFATC Coverage]


                     Join us for a Hawaiian Flyout like no other! 

Calling all pilots to the friendly skies of Hawaii! 2020-05-31T16:00:00Z Aloha Virtual will be hosting a fly-out event from PHTO (Hilo). This Fly-Out event is unlike all other flyouts! We will have 3 “group flights” to the 3 most popular destinations from Hilo.

A Message From the Staff at Aloha Virtual:

Hello, thank you for looking at our event. You may have noticed the title said “Project Maui.” Project Maui is a new project at Aloha Virtual to revolutionize the way things are done to better the pilot experience. After 4 flyouts, the VA will launch the 4th stage pf Project Maui. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.
-The Staff at Aloha Virtual

Event Info:

Location Information:

PHTO (Hilo International Airport) Is located in Hilo, Hawaii. This airport gives direct access to the beautiful Volcano National Park and the island of Hawai’i. This airport has 2 runways and sits on the edge of the warm and beautiful ocean.

There will be 3 group flights departing at the same time. Closer to departure, you will be in a PM with your flight leader. These flights are based on the 3 most popular routes from Hilo.

Flight 1:

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
Gate 06 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @Jarrett_Schiedemeyer
Gate 07 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @ILOVE7879-2.0
Gate 08 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @JulietTango
Gate 09 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @ORD777flyer
Gate 10 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @Hussain_Aqeel_Tech_S
Gate 05 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @L3gom4n
Gate 04 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @That_Guy14
Gate 03 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @Luka_ZagerDuric
Cargo 3 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @Oliver_Willis
Military 7 Honolulu Hawaiian Boeing 717-200 @Pilot_Felix

Flight 2:

PHOG (Kahului)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
Cargo 01 Kahului Ohana (Island Air Livery) Bombardier Q400 Dash 8 @AlaskaFlyer03
Cargo 02 Kahului Ohana (Island Air Livery) Bombardier Q400 Dash 8 @GameBoy_KIRB

Flight 3:

KLAX (Los Angelas)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft IFC Name
Gate 01 Los Angelas Hawaiian Boeing 767 @Starz
Gate 02 Los Angelas Hawaiian Boeing 767 @Ianuccelli


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About Aloha Virtual

Aloha Virtual is a customized experience for every pilot. While most VAs aim for Professionalism and to be the best VA possible, we just do it for fun. Because sometimes you just need a break from the real world to just have fun. Relax, and don’t worry about a thing. Just fly, no matter how. Get those nice shots. As long as you get to your destination, we’re okay with it.

While a fun VA, we also believe in professionalism. It’s fun being professional! Our ultra-realistic flight program will make you as realistic as possible!

Aloha Virtual was founded by @Starz and @ILOVE7879-2.0 when the idea of a new VA came up in a discussion. It was Starz’s birthday, so they decided to make the VA. Since then, we’ve grown from a Blue Logo with the word Aloha in it to a new, modern Pink and Blue logo with a Beach for our Trans-Pacific, and a Flower for our Inter-State airlines. Now, we rock the Blue and Pink, with a cute flower in the middle.

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I look Foward to Seeing you in the skies!

- Jarrett Schiedemeyer, Director of Aloha Virtual


I’ll take Please vALA145

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Nice way to do an event featuring an underserved Hawaiian airport! :D


Thank you! Stay tuned for more events!

@Jarrett_Schiedemeyer Aloha VA Director


I’ll take this.

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Also quick FYI… All the “Kahului” on the Flight 2 have a typo with an extra “i”.


Oh no! Thanks for catching that error!

@Jarrett_Schiedemeyer Aloha VA Director.


I’ll lead the Los Angeles flight.


what is the flight time from Hilo to LAX


Give or take a few minutes, but it’s around 5 hours.

Dis one please!

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can i take cargo 02

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can i get a gate to LAX

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I’ll take a 717-200 to HNL. Can you put my name down as @ORD777flyer please. I’m using a different account.


uhhhhh your not really supposed to have more than one account

Welcome to the Community @Jack_Willette. As Starz Stated, second accounts usually aren’t allowed. I will still sign you up, but please keep that in mind! :)

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Alright thank you sorry about that. I’ll keep this account because this is my main account

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Sign me up please!

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Sure! I’ll sign you up!



Thanks, coolest ceo

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