31MAR21/0300z - LLBG Fly-in with Infinite Flight Philippines! (FLASH FLIGHT) @ LIRF-LLBG

Greetings! We’re the Infinite Flight Philippine Group (IFPHG) will be having a group flight through the Mediterranean using El Al 737s from Rome to Tel Aviv! In this event, we Filipinos will be commemorating a fragment of the Holy Week event as we celebrate it in the Philippines in real life.

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 737-800 - El Al

  • Route: Rome Fiumicino-Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (LIRF-LLBG)

  • Time of Departure: 0300Z

  • Server: EXPERT


Copy flight plan from @IFPHG-CARL . Estimated time en-route is 3 hours and 3 minutes and our ETA is 0603Z.

Spacing is strictly 15-20nm. Climb profile is FL120/220 and cruise at FL350 at vs2900/2800/2600, respectively.

Line up and Wait (LUAW) when proceeding aircraft has 5nm distance away from you, and take off at 8nm.

Gates at your discretion at LIRF, as long as it is near RWY34L. Push and start one by one in a left-to-right sequence.

Thank you!


may i join

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Come join us, Terminal 3 Gate 802. See you there! Left-to right pushback sequence

roger that

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Come spawn now, we’ll be departing in 4 minutes ;)

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Remarks to anyone else joining:

  • Kindly observe the 15-20nm spacing for all aircraft
  • Let the El Al PR aircraft taxi first, then push back to follow

Thank you! :)

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