31JUL23: The Tel Aviv Flyout DEPARTED

didnt even notice lol

yes they dont i did it because when im doing a el al flight in a dreamliner i always use generic

On my may to New York!

but yes thanks for the amazing event @United403 flying out of llbg never gets old for me and thanks for the amazing atc @Reuben_Mehmet

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Enjoy, thank you everyone, really enjoyed that!

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Thanks to everyone signed up or not signed up who came to give Tel Aviv some traffic! Enjoy your flights

Make sure to check out my other events

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Thank you! Enjoy your flight!

I got 7.5 hrs to Thailand and let’s hope I can beat @ayyjay In this race to southeast Asia 🤞🤞

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I got 7 hours and 30 minutes till bangkok see you in denmark 👋

Thanks for the flyout @United403 and thanks for ATC @Reuben_Mehmet!

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@United403 can I do ATC for all the ones in August?

You probably will since my destination is an hour and a half after yours 😢

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I certainly don’t see why not

Are any reserved?

me secretly boosting up to mach 0.89 😏

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Let me check

Now that’s called cheating 😂

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So we’re all going west?

Any reserved?

London Heathrow needs approach and departure
Glasgow, Salt lake City and Columbo all need ATC