31JUL23: The Tel Aviv Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome everyone to the majestic city of Tel Aviv Israel 🇮🇱! Located on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea! It is the crossroad between worlds, cultures, Customs, food and religion! Join me on the last day of July to give one my absolute favorite airports some traffic!

Event Info
Airport: Ben Gurion International Airport LLBG
Server: Expert Server
Time: 1600Z, 10am mst
Date: 31st July, 2023


Terminal 1

J Gates
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
J1 El Al Tokyo Narita B789
J2 El Al New York JFK B772 @Crunchymonkey12345
J3 El Al Newark B789 @Simon324
J4 El Al Johannesburg B772
J5 El Al Los Ángeles B789
J6 El Al Beijing B789
J7 El Al Boston B789
J8 El Al Phuket B772 @United403
J9 El Al Miami B789
J10 El Al Fort Lauderdale B789
J11 El Al Bangkok B789 @anon87523340
J12 El Al Dubai B772
J13 El Al Dubai B789 @Skismd
L Gates
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
L1 El Al Geneva B738
L2 El Al Zagreb B738
L3 El Al Marrakesh B738
L4 El Al Moscow, Domodedovo B738
L5 El Al Milan B738
L6 El Al Lisbon B738

Terminal 2

B Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
2 Aegean Athens A320 @MANDELA
3 Delta Atlanta A350
4 United San Francisco B78X
5 United Washington Dulles B772
6 Egypt Air Cairo B738
7 American Philadelphia B772
8 Delta Boston A339 @PhorzaSky
9 Delta New York City A339 @Ryan_15
C Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
C2 Air France Paris A321
/C3 Air India Delhi B788
C4 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong A330
C5 Air Baltic Riga A220
C6 Etihad Abu Dhabi B788
C7 Emirates Dubai B772 @NonStopsAviation
C8 Hainan Airlines Shenzhen A333
C9 SWISS Zurich A321
D Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
D2 British airways London Heathrow B772 @SammyDoesGaming
D3 Brussels Airlines Brussels A320
D4 EasyJet Manchester A321
D5 Wizz Air London Gatwick A321
D6 Iberia Madrid A321
D7 Vueling Barcelona A320 @Mort
D8 Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow A330
D9 Wizz Air Larnaca A321 @Butter575
E Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
E2 Uzbekistan Airlines Tashkent A319
E3 Turkish Airlines Istanbul B738
E4 KLM Amsterdam B739 @Captain_Param
E5 RyanAir Marseille B738
E6 Transavia Antalya B738 @Bay_Area_Aviation
E7 Pegasus Izmir B738
E8 Norwegian Stockholm B738
E9 Lufthansa Frankfurt A333 @Carlos_Sousa

Remote Gates

Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 Air Malta Malta A320
2 Air Seychelles Mahe A320
3 Bulgaria Air Sofia A320
4 Cyprus Air Larnaca A320
5 Finnair Helsinki A321
6 ITA Airways Rome A223
7 RyanAir Naples B738
8 RyanAir Vilnius B738
9 RyanAir Treviso B738
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 Austrian Vienna A321
2 FlyDubai Dubai B738
3 Gulf Air Bahrain A320
4 Royal Jordanian Amman E175
5 Royal air Maroc Casablanca B738
6 TAROM Bucharest A318
7 Neos Corfu B738
8 LOT Warsaw-Chopin B738
9 Korean Air Seoul B789 @Half-Aviation

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
ATIS @Reuben_Mehmet
Ground @Reuben_Mehmet
Tower @Reuben_Mehmet


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

I’ll take this one please!

Can I take the Aegean to Athens please?

@MANDELA @Wonderousbuilder641 you both are signed up!

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El al to Venice please

@Skismd Amazing Choice!

Can I have the 787 too please

@Skismd yes ofc!

@Skismd the 787 doesent operate that route

For me please :)

It does sometimes

@NonStopsAviation one order of an emirates B772 with a side of dubai… coming right up 😆

@Skismd i will update that for you

Don’t forget my gin and tonic!

and Caviar

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Florida man will take this :)

florida man shall take possession of his L’etat

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this please and thank you

@Ryan_15 coming right up my friend

El Al #025 787.10 to KEWR