31JUL20 / 1300Z - Mongolia Departures @ ZMUB


This is an event at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mongolia is a very interesting small country between Russia and China that many people do not know. It has a desert steppe landscape and is at the Gobi Desert. We will be departing Ulaanbaatar and flying to many different destinations, they are all very interesting.

The Mongol empire ruled the world under Genghis Khan in the 1200s, it went from Constantinople and Moscow to China. Now Mongolia is tiny and rural and many people do not know it. But it has a very interesting landscape and history and very good people. Ulaanbaatar is a city in the middle of the desert steppe like Central Asia. The language they speak is Mongolian.

The airport is ZMUB, Chinggis Khan International Airport.
Server: Expert

Airport: ZMUB

Time: 1300Z 2020-07-31T13:00:00Z

This is departures event, but if you want to land here you can also land here, at the same time 1300Z.


Short haul - recommended planes (you choose the plane)
Air China 737, China Express CRJ900, Shandong CRJ700, Air China A319, Yakutia Dash 8-400, Red private Air Koryo A318 - or private paintings of similar size planes.

Gate 3 - VHHH Hong Kong, China - 3.5 hours
Gate 4 - ZYTX Shenyang, China - 1 hour
Gate 5 - ZBAA Beijing, China - 1 hour
Gate 6 - ZWWW Urumqi, China - 1.5 hours
Gate 10 - ZKPY Pyongyang, North Korea - 1.75 hours
Gate 11 - ZYHB Harbin, China - 1 hour
Gate 12 - ZULS Lhasa, Tibet, China - 2 hours
Gate 13 - UACC Astana, Kazakhstan - 2.5 hours
Cargo 01 - UAAA Almaty, Kazakhstan - 2 hours
Cargo 02 - UTTT Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 3 hours
GA 01 - UEEE Yakutsk, Russia - 2-3 hours
GA 04 - UHWW Vladivostok, Russia - 2-3 hours
Grass apron 04 - UHSS Sakhalinsk, Russia - 3 hours
Grass apron 05 - ZMAT Altai, Mongolia - 30 minutes
Hangar 01 - ZYCC Changchun, China - 1.5 hours
Hangar 02 - UNNT Novosibirsk, Russia - 1 hour
Hangar 03 - ZLXY Xian, China - 1.5 hours
GA 02 - RJCC Sapporo, Japan - 2.5 hours - must fly CRJ 200 J-air

Very short haul
Planes: CRJ200, GA planes, Cessna Citation X
You can go to these places or just fly around Mongolia and look at the landscape

GA 03 - ZMTT Tavan Tolgoi, Mongolia
GA 05 - ZBHH Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China - 1 hour
GA 06 - ZMCD Choibalsan, Mongolia
GA 07 - UIII Irkutsk, Russia - 30 minutes
Grass Apron 01 - Free choice
Grass Apron 02 - Free choice
Grass Apron 03 - Free choice

Long haul
Gate 7 - UTAA Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - Turkemnistan 777-200LR - 4 hours
Gate 8 - UUDD Moscow, Russia - Aeroflot A330/777 - 6/7 hours
Gate 9 - OMDB Dubai, UAE - Emirates 777-300ER - 8 hours
Other long hauls - to anywhere. Los Angeles, London, New York, etc. Can spawn at these 3 gates if there is no plane parking there.

Anyone can join, staff can join. Please join. Comment and tell me your name and I will write it.

Can I have a flight to Hong Kong,Cathay dragon 321?

ok I will write your name

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oh wait I forgot I had to do something else at that time can you please cancel my flight thanks

ok, if anyone wants to join write your name

Unfortunately I can not participate in your event, but I have a tip for your thread :)

You can make the gates in a table. That is clearer and neater. Here‘s how it works :)

ok thank you

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