31JAN21 / 1800Z - The Tropical Flyout @ MMUN

The Tropical Flyout @ MMUN


Co-Hosted by @JetSuperior5192


¡Bienvenidos a Cancún, México! In this event, we are flying out from Cancún International airport. Cancún is well known for its Hotel Zone, the beautiful views of the Caribbean, and its closeness to Riviera Maya, one of the most visited places in México and in the world. This will be an amazing flyout and I hope you all enjoy it!
Airport Info Part 1
Airport Info Part 2

Event Information

Server: Expert
Airport: Cancún Intl. (MMUN)
Date & Time: 2021-01-31T18:00:00Z
ATC brought to you by: @JetSuperior5192 (TWR) and @PilotA320 (GRD, ATIS). APP, DEP, CTR needed!


1. Respect others, don't troll, maintain safe distance.
2. Always follow the instructions given by the IFATC.
3. Arriving players can come when they want, from any airport. However, park and use the gate you signed up for.
4. Departing players must join 10-15 minutes prior to departure.
5. Use only your assigned gate!
6. I am not responsible for any violations or reports.
7. Have lots of fun and enjoy!

Gate Assignments

Slots Last Updated at: 2021-01-31T17:55:00Z

Preset Destination, Airline, and Aircraft

Terminal 1 (Yellow) All Gates Remaining
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination Pilot
S01 Magni Generic B737-700 México City (MMMX)
S02 Magni Generic B737-700 Guadalajara (MMGL)
S03 Magni Generic B737-700 Mérida (MMMD)
S04 Magni Generic B737-700 Puebla (MMPB)
S05 Magni Generic B737-700 León El Bajío (MMLO)
S06 Magni Generic B737-700 Monterrey (MMMY)
S07 Magni Generic B737-700 Nuevo Laredo (MMNL)
Terminal 2 (Green) 6 Gates Remaining
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination Pilot
14 Alaska Alaska B737-800 San Diego (KSAN)
15 Alaska Alaska 2016 B737-900ER Seattle (KSEA) @Nightt
16 Spirit Spirit A321-200 Detroit (KDTW) @IF_KGRR
17 VivaAerobús VivaAerobús A320-200 México City (MMMX) @United.sandwitch
18 VivaAerobús VivaAerobús A320-200 Guadalajara (MMGL)
19 VivaAerobús VivaAerobús A320-200 Monterrey (MMMY) @Antuan
20 LATAM LATAM B787-9 Santiago (SCEL) @Sebastian_Arias91
21 Avianca Avianca A320-200 Bogotá (SKBO)
22 Volaris Volaris A319-100 Ciudad Juárez (MMCS)
23 Volaris Volaris A319-100 Kansas City (KMCI)
24 Volaris Volaris A319-100 México City (MMMX) @Luke_B
25 Volaris Volaris A319-100 Oaxaca (MMOX)
Terminal 3 (Red) 3 Gates Remaining
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination Pilot
26 United United B737-900ER Houston (KIAH) @zion89
27 Frontier Manatee A320-200 New York (KEWR)
28 WestJet WestJet B737-800 Calgary (CYYC) @Avgeek1
29 American American A321-200 Philadelphia (KPHL)
30 American American A321-200 Miami (KMIA) @zand3r
31 United United B737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Da-la_nay
32 American American A321-200 Charlotte (KCLT) @champagnepapi
33A United United B787-9 San Francisco (KSFO) @Antonio10231
34 Spirit Spirit A320-200 Orlando (KMCO) @Johndavis10
35A American American B787-9 Dallas (KDFW) @Texan
36 Delta Delta B757-200 Detroit (KDTW) @plane_guy12
37 Delta Delta B737-900ER Minneapolis (KMSP)
38 Delta Delta B757-200 Boston (KBOS) @Nee
39 Delta Delta B757-200 Atlanta (KATL) @ORD777flyer
40 Air Canada Air Canada A321-200 Toronto (CYYZ) @lew1s_h02
41 Delta Delta B737-900ER Los Angeles (KLAX) @airplaneboi
42 Delta Delta A330-300 Salt Lake City (KSLC) @Cooper_Marcukaitis
43 Delta Delta B757-200 New York (KJFK) @Adam_Goodman
44A Evelop Airlines Evelop Airlines A350-900 Lisbon (LPPT) @flybarroso
45 American American A321-200 Chicago (KORD) @Alina_Bridges
46 United United B757-200 New York (KEWR) @Icengelbre
47 American American B777-200ER New York (KJFK) @Fat_Albert_512
48 United United B737-900ER Chicago(KORD) @Chicago_Aviator
Terminal 4 (Blue) 8 Gates Remaining
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination Pilot
53 Copa Copa B737-800 Panamá Tocumen (MPTO)
54 JetBlue JetBlue A321-200 Boston (KBOS)
55 JetBlue JetBlue A320-200 Tampa (KTPA)
56 Southwest Southwest Heart B737-800 Denver (KDEN) @heavy929
57 Southwest Southwest Illinois One B737-700 Chicago (KMDW)
58 Air France Air France B777-200ER Paris (LFPG) @Matt001
59 Southwest Southwest Heart B737-800 Baltimore (KBWI) @LuminousNate
60 Southwest Southwest Heart B737-700 Houston (KHOU) @RagonDragon
61 Aeromexico Aeromexico B787-8 Tijuana (MMTJ)
62 Aeromexico Aeromexico B737-700 Guadalajara (MMGL)
63 Aeromexico Aeromexico B787-8 México City (MMMX)
64 JetBlue JetBlue A320-200 New York (KJFK)

Choose your Destination, Airline (if applicable), and Aircraft

Remote Stands (Purple) 2 Stands Remaining
Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination Pilot
5 VivaAerobús VivaAerobús A320-200 México City (MMMX) @aviation.mst
8 Volaris Volaris A319-100 San José (MROC) @DeltaFox
9A British Airways British Airways B777-300ER London (EGLL) @Liam_Gardener
10 United United A320-200 New York (KEWR) @MichaelMetaxas
11A LATAM LATAM A350-900 Ushuaia (SAWH) @tjb0709
General Aviation (Black) Many Stands Remaining
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA Apron PP01A Cessna 172 MMUN VFR @Pingu


  1. Please let me know what gate you would like! When signed up, take a moment to check your gate on the map. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. For arriving pilots in the event, park at one of the gate you reserved. For arriving pilots not in the event, please park at gates that aren’t reserved.
  3. Cancún Intl. tends to use Runways 12R and 12L, however, this could change on the day of the event. This will ultimately be decided by IFATC.
  4. If departing anywhere North, I highly recommend using Departure procedures ROTG1A for 12R or ROTG1B for 12L. The views are crazy beautiful!

A PM will come 1 week before the event. Hope to see you all there for this great flyout! :)

Please use caution and act in a responsible manner.

Feel free to ask any questions or give suggestions. Thanks and I hope this will be an amazing and successful event!

Next Event: 07MAR21 / 1900Z - The Motor City Flyout @ KDTW

Also, please make sure to check out the Air Crossroads of the World Fill Up!


Im really happy to co-host and control this event :)

Thanks a lot @Cooper_Marcukaitis

Copyright Authorized by @Mateo_CD (you may know my 1st version)

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I’m happy it worked out. Thanks for everything, brother!

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I’ll take this gate please


Sure thing! What a great route!

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Thanks for coming in! Welcome to Cancun

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May I get a gate to ATL with a 752 maybe? Just a suggestion


I see no problem here.

Sure thing! Will switch for you.

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hi, can i have a remote stand gate? I want to use a Volaris A319 going to MROC. Thanks in advance.

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Sure! Do you have a preference of which stand you would like to use?

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I’m feeling 8 please.

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Awesome! Signing you up rn :)

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@ORD777flyer @DeltaFox thanks for joining :)


Thanks so much man!!

Can I have this gate


The event is really good but I can’t make it due to timings (it’s at 1am for me). Have a great one! I wish I could join


No problem. Thanks for your interest on joining 🙃

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Sure thing :)

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Wow! How did you make those gate charts? I’m not so good with creating topics so could you please teach me? I’d really like to join but I can’t due to the server :( I’ll join you in the future!

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