31JAN21 / 1800Z - The SD77 Landing Competition! @ SD77

SD77 Landing Challenge!

Hosted by @Aviation108, @Butter_Boi, @Zhopkins

What’s So Special About SD77?
In real life, Mettler is a normal airfield. But in Infinite Flight, it is a giant pit in the ground with a runway at the bottom. I invite you to check it out!

About the Competition

Server: Casual
Time: 2021-01-31T18:00:00Z
Aircraft: Your Choice

Before the February Airport Update takes this splendid bug away from our devices, me, Butter_Boi, and Zhopkins decided that a competition to see the biggest aircraft capable of landing there, was needed. Participants will spawn in at nearby KRAP, and takeoff from there, making their way towards SD77


The scoring of this competition is simple:
The pilot to stop the largest plane on this 2803 foot long runway wins.
Pilots will take-off from KRAP, dive into the pit, and attempt to land, and STOP.


Please respond to the thread, with your call sign, and the aircraft you will bring to the competition.
Pilot Callsign Aircraft
@Aviation108 OO-HNO E195
@plane_guy12 OO-YEA C172
@Dan AV-DAN Random
@Butter_Boi LLL001 E170
@brennanhackard N426BH XCub
@Tsumia YL-TSU C208
@Icey TF-ICE A321
@Gonebeef 351 Random
@MJP_27 Unknown Random
@KTJ_Mitchell OH-FUN XCub
@Fung_Sum-sum 9V-SUM Random
@nativetoalaska ALT-F4 Random
@Ahmed1 OO-OOO r a n d o m
@Marcel001 SP-MCL Random
@Pilot_Felix OH-GOD Random
@DanyyRude Unknown C130
@Errigal EI-RME No Clue
@CALFIRE2 Calfire456 Random
@Captain-Joe HB-THX C172 & A318
@Infinite2674 N2674 Hasn’t Decided
@Aviation2929 N1AV Random
@Airnico_9962_on_YT G-NICO idk
@AGSilver_04 G-ODNO XCub
@shadow2 Unknown A-10
@Finnishboy OK-CYA C-130
@tjb0709 G-REEN XCub
@BritishAirways001 I-FATC TBM

More gates will be added if needed!

We hope you can come and enjoy!

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Can I sign up xcub and call sign is n1

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Signed up!

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C172 pleaseee callsign OO-YEA

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I will come! Call sign AV-DAN and um A/C random


@plane_guy12 @Dan
You are both signed up! Hope to see you there!


I’m in!

My aircraft of choice is the E-170 (likely subject to change).

Callsign as usual, LLL001.

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I’ll sign up ;D

Have fun with the airport while it still lasts!

Callsign: N426BH
Aircraft: XCub

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@Butter_Boi @brennanhackard
You are both signed up! Enjoy the competition!


Gimme a 208. Should be fun.

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What will your callsign be? YL-TSU?


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Signed up! Hope you enjoy!

Just so you know, the person who lands the biggest plane (A.K.A. the winner), will get a handmade, pure jpeg trophy with their name on it. Oh, and bragging rights.



Landing without crashing?

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Yep! Landing and stopping. No crashes

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I want to join, I’ll try, the 320, callsign TF-ICE

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i’ll join, aircraft will be random and callsign will be 351

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Nothing will stop me, I have the greatest plan

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@Aviation108 got the thing mixed up

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