31JAN21 / 0200Z - A350 Around The World @KJFK

Join everybody as we fly around the world on the world’s most efficient and advanced twinjet, the A350.

Plane: A350-900

KJFK - WSSS (Singapore)
KJFK - EDDF. (Singapore / Lufthansa/Delta)
KJFK - OTHH (Qatar)
KJFK - EGLL. (Delta)
KJFK - VHHH. (Cathay)
KJFK - RCTP (China Airlines (Taiwan))
KJFK - EIDW. (Delta)
KJFK - BIKF. (Delta)
KJFK - LFMN. (Delta)
KJFK - RJTT. (Japan Airlines)
KJFK - LEMD. (Iberia)
KJFK - EFHK. (Finnair)
KJFK - RKSI. (Asiana)
KJFK - LFPG. (Air France).
KJFK - LFPO. (Air France)
KJFK - UUEE. (Aeroflot)
KJFK - LTFM. (Turkish)
KJFK - SKBO. (Delta)

Gate allocation:
Terminal 1 - Skyteam, Star Alliance, Oneworld
Terminal 2: Delta
Terminal 4: Delta
Terminal 7: Remaining Oneworld
Terminal 8: Oneworld

Please reserve your gates by 30 Jan @2300Z the latest. Please PM me or reply in the comments.

Server: Training
Airport: KJFK
Time: 31JAN2021/0200Z

ATC: Can anyone volunteer?

Remark: Please arrive at 0035Z the latest.
Set airplane count to very high.
Please be serious. No crashing allowed.
If you want to join, please reply to this topic.

Looking forward to meeting you!

My callsign: Delta 2 Heavy


Hello I would like to be ur ATC
I need the Training anyway

Who else is joining?

Can I take KJFK-RJTT?

Okay. Let me give you the flight plan later.
But be aware: you need more fuel for this one. Take the polar route. Cruise at M. 85. Step climb your way up. That’s my advice.

Ok thanks,
I’ll fuel up enough for the flight.
I was actually already planning to take the polar route.

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Remember to take some nice pictures up there! You won’t regret flying it. Guaranteed.

Sure will, i don’t do many polar routes actually

What flight r u doing?

Delta 2 irl i think is to egll

DL 2: KJFK - EGLL, that’s a perfect hop across the pond.

Thought so

You are right.

Can I have the KJFK-EGLL one?

Fine. Use Delta. Callsign should be DL 1 Heavy.
Since I took the 2.

R u changing the time to 0130Z @IF_International ? Or is it still at 0200Z

Still at 0200

Ok spawned in already

Oh wait for me!!

Lol im at terminal 1