31DEC22 - 1300Z | Final 2022's Flight : Winter Wonderland (EHAM - EGKK)

Hello Community!

Halo Semuanya!, We at GVG want to launch an event for you which will be the last event this year , namely ”Winter Wonderland" We hope that you will participate in this event in the atmosphere of Christmas and New Year Eve

Date: December 31th, 2022
Time: 2022-12-31T13:00:00Z
Departure Airport: Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS/EHAM)
Arrival Airport: London Gatwick (LGW/EGKK)

Garuda Indonesia – B777-300ER

Before Pushback
  • Fuel: 2Hours 20Minutes
  • Passengers: 185
  • Cargo: 9.000KG
  • Copy Flight Plan from Indonesia 009GG
Pushback & Taxi
  • Pushback in order of gates assigned
  • Taxi speeds: Max 20kts in during straights, max 10kts in turns
Take Off & Climb
  • Takeoff Runway: *TBD
  • Start Takeoff Roll once person ahead reaches 2000ft AGL
  • V1: 145kts VR: 149kts V2: 154kts
  • SID: *TBD
  • Climb Rate: 2200fpm until FL100 / 1800 fpm until Cruise/FL240 (adjust if necessary)
  • Climb Speeds: 240kts until FL100 / 200kts until FL240
  • Cruise Altitude: 24.000ft
  • Cruise Speed: 300kts
Descend & Landing
  • Descent: Refer to VNAV
  • STAR: *TBD
  • Approach: *TBD
  • Landing Runway: *TBD
  • After Landing exit Right and follow the others to the gate

Pier E

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate E2 @Crown GVG009
Gate E3 @Warren_Salim GVG008
Gate E5 @Irfan_Adikurniawan GVG002
Gate E6 @rulizalhafizh GVG114
Gate E7 Reserved For GVG -
Gate E8 Reserved For GVG -
Gate E9
Gate E17
Gate E18
Gate E19
Gate E22
Gate E24

  • Please appear at the gate you set.
  • Please follow the ATC instructions or use Unicom.
  • Please pushback according to the pushback time listed on your gate

This event is brought to you by Garuda Indonesia Virtual Group Click the VA logo to visit the our official website

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This Event managed by GVG’s Event Manager @Crown


The event is very good😍, Come join the event.
Btw, I’m at gate E2 :)


I wanna join this event because is very good, let’s go and join this event. And i will take gate E3 :)


Hey!! I want join this event. I’ll take E5

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so interested! i want to join and will take gate E6 🙌

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Gate E2, E3, E5 and E6 are now yours! See you at EHAM @Crown @Warren_Salim @Irfan_Adikurniawan @rulizalhafizh :D

Request E7 - 116 Golf Golf :D

Gimme a gate🗿

Let’s flight

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