31DEC21 / 1400Z - New Year Special Event @ BIKF to ZBAA

元旦, namely the Gregorian calendar on January 1, is the world’s most countries known as the “New Year”. Yuan, “shi”, where the number of the beginning called “yuan”; Denier, that “day”; “New Year’s Day” is the “initial day” meaning. Source

On New Year’s Eve, we will arrive in a new city: Reykjavik, surrounded by snow and ice. We will take off under the aurora and cross the Atlantic ocean to Beijing, the ancient capital of the East. A 6,200km journey awaits you.

  • Server:Expert Server
  • Time:December 31, 2021 2:00 PMJanuary 1, 2022 12:00 AM
  • Route:BIKF —> ZBAA(Reykjavik to Beijing)
  • Aircraft/Livery:
    IFC-Sign up: A330-300/ Air China
    CZVG-Sign up: A330/ China Southern

More details will be announced in Christmas

BIKF local ATC: @JSRibs28
ZBAA local ATC: @HenryD1
ZBAA Radar: Empty

There are some Chinese organized VA but didn’t pass IFVARB, so their name will be VA1 etc.
If the gates(stands ) are full, don’t worry,I will add it after you signed up.

Gate Pilot Signup ways
GATE 05 @fly16855 VO1
GATE 07 @CES9943 VO1
GATE 09 @Simon_Guo1 VO1
GATE 11 @basijiayu VO1
GATE 14 @Audi-A3 VO1
GATE 12 @SteveAirched VO2
GATE 10 @JeffreyTian Public
GATE 08 @IZhang VA1
GATE 06 @Black CZVG Reserved
STAND 70 @Sans02 IFC Reserved
STAND 72 @thenewpilot IFC Reserved
STAND 74 @Airfli4107 VO3
STAND 76 @Misaka_BerryXu Public
STAND 77 @Ray_Wang IFC Reserved
STAND 78 @Connor.charles Public
STAND 79 @Lima_Juient VO4&Public
STAND 42 @Charlie_Tang Public
STAND 44 @0807 Public
STAND 46 @GDS111006 Public
STAND 71 @Mollel.kid Public
STAND 73 @8976 Public
STAND 75 @SHAfish Public
STAND 63 @Milo_Oscar Public
STAND 62 @whocallme Public
STAND 107 @CannedPig_ZSAM Public
STAND 108 @Santiago_chile_scel Public
STAND 109 @CA4307 Public
STAND 110 @PiggyWu Public
STAND 111 @SHAfish Public
STAND 112 @SolaRDu Public

The way to sign up is simple, click the link here to sign up.
Notice that if your sign up way is IFC, check your DM message in IFC in 3 days after apply.
Click this to view the status


Great event, I want to join

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Pls use the link to sign up,
And are you a member of VO1? If not, use ifc way to signup

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Pls use the link thanks

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Sorry,this please

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Ehh,pls use the link to sign up

anything to say?

Nope, realised I was gonna sound dumb :) Thank you tho.

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Thank you Simon

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nothing, but thanks for your attending!

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Flight Info is here!

Happy Christmas guys! With gifts, the Fligt Information is here!
btw, the charts are in this link.

  1. Route: BIKF to ZBAA
  2. Fpl: copy from B-1011V before take off
  3. Flight Level: 33,000ft
  4. Flight Time: 10h
  5. Block Fuel: 67,361 kgs
  6. Cruise SPD: 0.80M (Might change because of the wind)
  7. Passenger Count: 298
  8. Cargo Weight: 7,519 kgs

Enjoy your flight!

p.s. There’ll be 2 RWY in use, so I will post a image of what RWY should use 2 hour before take off.


Additional info!

Enter into your gate 15 min before Take-Off time!

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Fantástico vuelo

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Sorry, what?

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Can you sign me up for any open stand

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Okay! Welcome onboard!

Hi guys!

There’s only 1 day left.
I‘m planing to let you guys take off in 2 RWYs.
Here’s the link:

Please strictly follow the above information when flying.

If there’re any questions, PM me at anytime!

Special thanks to the ATC @JSRibs28 and all of you guys!
Thanks for choosing my event!


i stay out of china at all costs… yall have fun


I can take BeiJing Local🙂

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