31DEC20 / 2000Z - With IFATC: Flying Away From 2020, The Charlotte Fly Out @ KCLT [COMPLETED]

I’ll take Gate A1 and my destination shall be KMDT on a CRJ9.

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nice event. thinking of going there. I’ll check my schedule.

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This is a great idea. Fly over the international date line to get there even faster! Legit try it

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Yeah all the non AA to A concourse and A North except for Volaris which goes to D. Delta on the North Side of A Concourse and Delta uses nothing bigger than a 717 to ATL LGA and DTW and don’t serve SEA from CLT

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I was thinking about the miracle on the Hudson. It was going from lga to clt to sea

Actually, unfortunately I won’t be able to come as I have something to do at 2020-12-31T22:00:00Z


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Hey can you sign me up for this one? My destination shall be EDDF and Aircraft & Airline AA 777-200ER

I signed you all up

United CRJ900 to EWR please

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Thank you @Pilot_Felix for signing up!

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Sadly i could not join. I would have loved to tho!

Can I Do…

Spirit A320 Heading To DTW (I been on this route so it real)

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Sure thing! @Aviation2929 will add you when he can.

kkkkk, THanks

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For an empty gate can I go to Sarasota on a A321 with American Airlines

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Of course! @Aviation2929 will add you when he is available.

Thank you @Evan_22 and @IFA_YT for signing up!

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I Will Be Doing A Big Boi Route Over New Years…

I STart WIth CTL Going To DTW (I Start in CTL For the fly out) The i wait in DTW for about 6 hours (I end the flight and come back) Then I Head To MSY, Then From MSY To Head To AUS. The AUS To MCO! New Year Will Happen When I LAnd In MCO!!!


so i do


All on a spirit a320

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New gates have been added.

and I fixed some gates