31DEC20 / 1820Z - Desert Hop into the New Year! @OMDB to VIDP (FINISHED!)

Welcome on board our 777-300ER flight over to India! Flight Information is down below:

  • Aircraft and Livery : Emirates 777-300ER

  • Route : OMBD to VIDP

  • Time of Departure : 2020-12-31T18:20:00Z2020-12-31T21:25:00Z

  • Server : Expert

  • Additional Information:

Copy flight plan from N7643G, flight time can vary due to winds, not responsible for any violations/reports received in flight, follow any instructions from IFATC. Please keep a good spacing.

Cruise: FL400

Climb Profile : 240/300/.85

Descent Profile: 300/250/200

Hope you all can join!

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We will be using gates B20-B27

I wanted to join but its at 2 am so i cant.I am so sorry

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No problemo. Hope to see you on some other flight.

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Should be doing another flight next year so maybe you can attend then.

can i get gate B26

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No sign ups required. It’s a group flight.


I will join!

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Awesome! Event is in 16 minutes!

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@Qatari777YT and @aryachopra looks like you two are the only ones coming. I suggest we start spawning in now.

Welp, I guess nobody is coming…

I would come but I’m not home sorry.

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No problemo. We are about start.

@aryachopra and @AIFC you guys have the flight plan copied?

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Alright let’s go. @aryachopra left us haha.

We ready to go??

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Yeah I do.

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What time UK Time?

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The time above in the thread converts to your local time

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Well we already departed…