31DEC / 1200Z - New Year Eve Flight @HAAB to DNMM [ Departed ]

Hello Everyone

This event is a New Year Eve special Flight that I and @Nathanael_Phang Made to end The Year 2020 With a Final flight at The African Region From Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) to Nigeria (Lagos). There are already 7 attendants as Nathan Have a Group of Infinite Flight players so Why Don’t u come join us and make it more fun!

Server: Expert

Airport: Addis Ababa Bole Airport @HAAB

Time: *2020-12-31T12:00:00Z 1200Z

Aircraft & Livery: B777 - 200LR Ethiopian Airlines

Flight Details

*Cruising Alltitude: FL400 (40.000ft)
*Cruising Speed: M0.85 (320IAS)
For separation Please wait until range is 5NM or Greater
Diagram of Both Airport:




Yay Im At GATE 3 Thanksss


No problem mate

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Request: remote 51

My account:


ok we’ll set u up there!

Request remote 53


ok i got u!

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Request remote 52

ok i’ll put u in there mate

Sign up will Closed in 5 Minutes

Sign Up Is Closed!!

I know sign up is closed , but Ill still join you guys en route if thats fine.

sure u can spawn now!!!

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@Nee u can pushback and start taxiing

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Is there an pm to this ?

there is wait lemme add u

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