31AUG20 / 2100Z - Lets fly to Frankfurt @ RJTT - EDDF

Hello welcome back to one of my group flights this time we will fly to Frankfurt from Tokyo as Frankfurt is featured on the IFATC schedule

  • Aircraft and Livery: A350 Lufthansa

  • Route: RJTT-EDDF copy flight plan from leader

  • Time of Departure: 2100Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Participants: @BritishAirways001

  • Additional Information: we will step climb to FL410 from FL170 V/S 2600 then FL360 V/S 2000 then FL 410 V/S 1200 flight time should be around 12 hours hope to see you there

Anyone want to join

What’s the flight time?

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Around 12 hours

So would you like a gate

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I can’t sadly have a nice flight though.

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Alright I am going to cancel this group flight can a mod close this topic

They can just flag it.

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OP requested closure