318 tour around Kanchenjunga

As some of you know Kanchenjunga is the world’s 3rd largest peak stand at an astonishing 28,169’ AGL. After checking our K2 in the last leg of flight through the Himalayas I decided to make my way East.
Resting between the Tamur and Teesta rivers this peak has 4 accessible routes to conquer it. We’ve decided to make a 5th route with my first flight in an Airbus.
Upon landing I was off the center line a tad bit I have to say it was my best landing in an air liner yet. Very challenging especially taking off in a valley and having to change elevation so rapidly. Awesome scenery for this flight, I recommend for anyone looking for a flight a little over an hour good for around 760 XP, an enjoyable first Airbus journey.

Aircraft: Airbus A318-100 (IF 15’) classy livery imho
Ceiling: FL260
Cruise: 350 IAS
Departure: VNRC (Runway 03)
Arrival: ZUNZ (Runway 05)
Duration: 1:20

Copy & Paste FlightPlan:

VNRC 2887E 2888E 2889E 2890E 2893E 2994E ZUNZ



This belongs in #screenshots-and-videos and please stick to the 10 photo limit too.


Sorry I’ll move it I mixed something up on this one

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No worries, take your time.

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Should be good, moved and down to 10.

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Great photos, I love the mountains and sunset! But I think I lost brain cells reading the title because I have never heard of Kandhdjjsnfnsjdnbfndnjura

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I hear you there after the third failed attempt at pronouncing it …🤷‍♂️

Look liked a thrilling adventure you had. :D

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Awesome photos! Keep em coming! Beautiful scenery out there in the Himalayas!

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It was a good one especially leaving the airport threading our way through a valley in Airbuses.🤣

Nice shots…Like the scenery!

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