30SEP20 / 2100Z - Flash Flight: Cross Country American @ KATL

They were probably super busy. ATC is in Dallas and Atlanta today

Was this in KDFW or KATL?

Thanks to all the IFATC team controlling today! Perfect organization, congrats :)


How is this for organisation folks! Full service the entire way with SIDS/STARs used. Shoutout to IFATC!


You know I was thingking that at first but when i saw that another users started their push back before than me and they requested to the ATC after than me I said: Ok ¡¡¡ Maybe there´s an explanation about this. So for this reason i just want to know about their opinion, maybe i didn´t know a rule or i don´t know

Hey Mom! Look, Misha posted a picture with my name in it!

Thank you to the KDFW team for their help, and everyone that stopped by KDFW on the east side!


It was a pleasure to control East Approach at KDFW for you guys! If you landed at any of the 17s, I was your approach controller. For anyone who’s interested, this was the plan we made to accommodate for this Flash Flight (which worked rather well, I think!):


This is a very interesting insight. Lots of planning and consideration went into this and it seems like it all worked out well. A very good idea to use different altitudes for the intercept for such amounts of traffic.

Thank you for the picture @Maxim and for the ATC service as well (also to all other IFATC controllers) and thanks to Misha for a cool event!


Shoutout to the DFW crew! Amazing planning and great job. Also want to shoutout the ATL crew that was a pleasure to work with:
Ground: @Rhys_V @Z-Tube
Tower: @DIEGO11 @DiamondGaming4
Departure: @ToasterStroodie
Approach: @Aaron.C @GHamsz


Cheers, Rocco! It was great fun working KATL with you as Center. Very well done to all the other KATL controllers I tagged with today! You all did splendidly well with the insane amount of traffic today. Shoutout to the KDFW crew as well! You all worked your magic with that giant line brilliantly.

Thanks, Rocco! It was amazing to work KATL Ground with those who worked Tower, Approach, Departure, and Center! Huge props to the KDFW crew as well! I wasn’t there today, but from what I saw in the Slack and seeing planes fly along, you all brought your A game!

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Thank you! Great job from all of you guys :D

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Thanks Rocco! It was a pleasure to work with you and everyone on the ATL team! It was hard having 80 planes on frequency but it was so much fun with everyone cooperating rally well!

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I didn’t see this until it was too late. Myself an many others still did the flight. A lot of ATC still at ATL, DFW and surrounding areas. Many thanks to all who coordinate and control these events. Flew into DFW around 2300 Z and approach and the others had things running super smooth. Great job and thanks.

Hope you all had a safe flight, and safe landings. Just seen this post now as 21:00z was late night in my country, I hope to join you guys next time if the time is a bit suitable to me🙂

I wish there was a better time for Asians as well Misha 😞