30SEP20 / 2100Z - Flash Flight: Cross Country American @ KATL

Looks like this is gonna be a lot of fun and it will be really busy

So here are some tips to help ATC as a pilot

•Be patient, there will be bunch of planes. They will get to you eventually

•keep AT LEAST 5nm spacing with the plane in front of you (preferable 10nm)

•read atis carefully. This can tell you what frequency to contact in the case of more than one tower or approach

•ATC will probably be more strict today and before things more so be the best pilot you can!

•expect a possibility of a long taxi time

And most important of all, have fun and butter😉


All I can say is wowowow. There are so many people! I hope this goes well. I’ve never participated in something like this, as this is the first time on Expert for me in about 3 months.

Anyone who reads this- I am Atlanta Ground.

I expect a bunch of pushback request at the same time. In order to maintain the greatest efficieny, expect a “hold position”.

Also, don’t request pushback when someone is directly behind you, you know I won’t let you pushback

If it has been 10 minutes after I have told you to hold position, just request again, just don’t spam it!

Thank you and enjoy!


I won’t be able to come sadly because I am busy, but I love how flights like these are being conducted!

Have fun y’all

I’ve got school tomorrow and wouldn’t be able to make it across the Atlantic in time if I did this flight, so decided to stay up in Toronto. Have fun everyone!


WOW there is a lot of people at KATL right now. My iPad would for sure have crashed if I had decided to join. Looks like you all will have a LOT of fun in the flight.

I just flyover ( I was N262DE) Atlanta and theres so much people WOW

YouTube! they were trying to distract us!

Here is the video @LtMerlin is talking about
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Just so y’all know,

At KDFW when contacting ground, if you are on the East side of the airport please contact ground on 121.80 when on the West side of the airport Please contact ground on 121.85 thanks


Have fun!

A lot of coordination and planning is going on right now to ensure a smooth and efficient event.

I would like to ask all the pilots a thing. Please follow ALL the instructions issued by ATC. In such busy airspace we won’t be lenient. Don’t be surprised if we don’t warn you before reporting. So please do so.

Enjoy the event!


I just want everyone to know the immaculate planning going on behind the scenes. There are 8 of us staffing KDFW and that takes a lot of coordination. As Eddie said please follow all ATC instructions and be the awesome piltos we all know you are!

@CPT_Colorado on West KDFW Groun on 121.80
@JarrettFlies on East KDFW Ground on 121.85
@Edoardo_C on East KDFW Tower and ATIS 123.77/127.5
@Oskapew on West Tower KDFW
@Maxim, @Enrique_Fernandez, @CptJu On Approach!
Dallas center on 127.00


In addition to that above, here are some reminders about what you should be doing / not doing when arriving:

  • You are on Expert Server, please abide by ES general rules
  • ATC will be strict. It will be a very busy airspace so please follow all instructions from ATC, even if you do not like the instruction, etc.
  • Multiple frequencies are in use. @JarrettFlies states them above. Contact the correct frequency
  • be PATIENT with the controllers. When I had 80 aircraft on my frequency at Atlanta Ground earlier, it got hectic when I had people request pushback 5 times. I have reminders set for you, and these controllers will too
  • Be cautious of your surrounding aircraft. It’s okay to call a go-around if you feel you don’t have enough spacing. It’s okay to call a missed approach if you’re too high.

Enjoy your approach into Dallas!


Im gonna fly over dallas to look over in for 40 minutes until landing (Im N196LR)

So, apparently my game crashed mid flight so that’s not good.

Thank you for the amazing Flash Flight Misha and all of the IF Staff! I look forward to the next one!


Ugh I just got off work! I would’ve loved to do this flight. I love the ATL airport and Dallas in my favorite US city

Yes…to Dallas. Totally normal lol

Ohh! This isn’t FNF!!

I thought this was the FNF, lol, my bad 😂😂

Yes, this is normal!

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HI. I was trying to be there but i noticed that when i requested push back the ATC left me more than 12 minutes waiting. Could you tell me why happened this?. Finally I decided to do another flight. Thank you.

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Yeah I got thrown off for minute too. I was like “wait, huh?!” I had to double check my calendar 😂