30OCT21 / 0300Z - Southeast Asia To US East coast @ VHHH - KJFK


Summary: This is going to be my longest IF flight of 15 hrs-15 hrs and 45 min of airtime. I may or may not be able to join the flight, but I will keep the event going if people join. Also, please let me depart first. If you want to join, please tell me your gate @ VHHH and @ KJFK bellow. If you want to be atc at VHHH or KJFK, also let me know bellow. Thank you.

Server: Expert

Airport: Departure Airport: VHHH(Hong Kong Intl). Arrival: KJFK(John F. Kennedy Intl)

Time: Departure: Oct 31, 21 0300Z or 2021-10-30T03:00:00Z, Arrival Estimate: 2021-10-30T17:45:00Z (May or may not extend.)


I will be spawning in on Gate S33 @ VHHH. Mine arrival Gate will be Terminal 8 Gate 33 @ KJFK. (Yes, I am aware that there aren’t many gates at terminal 8, so you may use Terminal 7 or Terminal 1 if you wish.) Due to my crazy life, I may or may not adjust my speed to make me arrive on time for my stuff. So if you see me reduce my speed to M 0.80 or something, you may reduce your speed to match my speed or just carry on. I am not responsible for telling the fuel for the flight. That is your job. Now the most important part: Please spawn in 25 min-15 min prior to pushback. Our pushback time will be at 2021-10-30T02:50:00Z. Please copy my flight plan I will add after this is posted. Please follow Expert Sever rules, respect Unicom or IFATC, and I am not responsible for any reports.. Thanks for reading this stupidly long stuff if you made it this far. lol

Aircraft and Livery: Mine: Cathay Pacific B77W. Yours: Optional

Route / Flight Plan: N/A (Will be added soon)

Flight Stuff: Take-off rwy: 25L/07R. Climb Rate: 3000 v.s. until 10000 ft, 2500 v.s. until FL200, 2000 v.s. until FL300. Cruise: FL370, Cruise speed: expect M 0.87. Decent: Via VNAV (Or not). Arrival Rwy: N/A.


Atis: @AviationChampion
Ground: @AviationChampion
Tower: @AviationChampion
Hong Kong Center:


JFK Center:

VHHH Gates

Gate S23:
Gate S25:
Gate S27:
Gate S29: @JPs_Aviation
Gate S31: @CaptainAli_yt
Gate S33: @Ryan_boi
Gate S35: @Arnav_Ola
Gate S41:
Gate S43:
Gate S45:
Gate S47:
Gate S49:
(More will be added if needed)

KJFK Gates

T8 Gate 02:
T8 Gate 03:
T8 Gate 04;
T8 Gate 05:
T8 Gate 06:
T8 Gate 08:
T8 Gate 10:
T8 Gate 12:
T8 Gate 14:
T8 Gate 16:
T8 Gate 33: @Ryan_boi
T8 Gate 35: @CaptainAli_yt
T8 Gate 37: @JPs_Aviation
T8 Gate 39: @Arnav_Ola
T8 Gate 41:
T8 Gate 43:
T8 Gate 45:
T8 Gate 47:
(Extra gates will be added if needed)

VHHH Airport Chart:

KJFK Airport Chart:

(If you have any questions, please let me know.)

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I’ll take this one (VHHH)

You can leave this available in case someone else wants to staff it, but if nobody takes it before October 29th then I’ll cover it. (KJFK)

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Thanks for being ATC!!!

No problem! I’ve seen you before at another event, right? If so, you already know I like staffing events for the community 😂

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I’m not quite sure… Eh, who cares right?

Indeed, I’ve been staffing events and seen you around a few times. Please do let me know if you need anything or need another event staffed as well.

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We still have plenty of room left for the event!!!

I might be able to join as the timing works out nicely, except for the takeoff as in NYC it would be at 11:00 PM so a little late.
But I will take a gate for now, I’ll let you know if I can’t make it.
P.S. Create a Dm when the event is one week away

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Welcome to the event! You have Gate S31 @ VHHH and Gate T8 Gate 33 @ KJFK

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Can I get gate s39 to jfk

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Will do! Your gate @ KJFK will be T8 Gate 37

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Hi can I have Gate S35

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Thx for joining! Your gate at JFK will be

Looking forward to seeing you in the air!

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