30OCT20 / 2300Z - World’s Busiest Flight Route @ RCTP - VHHH

Group flight has 3 hour time limit. This is more than 3 hours later. So it is event…

Ah, ok.

Someone can get confused and think that is a group flight. Just advicing you. :)

I can´t edit yet, so you can change it up a bit :)

But it looks like a nice evet. Don´t get offended

Actually it is the same thing I do not even know what is different group flight and event. Same thing. But category is event because it is more than 3 hours later

Shouldn’t get confused if it’s in #live:events.

About The GroupFlights Category

You can check this link above for a bit of more information about group flights, In case you want mor info. about events, you can check this link:

About The Events Category

There´s some distintions between this 2 tipes of events.

Hope this can help you, have a great day and take care.

Everyone. I want 100 people we can fly together like a flock of geese and use up the entire airport hahaha. Everyone join!

A: “I want doesn’t get” as they say
B: good luck getting 100 people in the next 8 hours :)

I would come, but I’ll be asleep then.

Also, to get a large crowd, I recommend using this tutorial for next time!


I will read that. No one comes to my events normally

The main reason for this is short notice I would say.

I would join this, but it’s from 11pm to 2 am for me, so i will probably be asleep.

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Hi, first of all it is the World’s Busiest ‘International’ Route, and second, we at EVA Air Virtual would like to sponsor the event.

Ok that is good. Get your entire airline to join the event. But I asked another Eva air manager and he said too short notice. But you can join and get your entire airline to join

I am the CFM, so it is okay.

Ok so i will write your airlines name in the name area

Uhh, you need to put [Sponsored by EVA Air] Virtual in the title.
And I am gonna try to get my VA members to join.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do that as per #live:events category rules.

When did rules change? Anyways nvm, wait I said then.

  • Titles cannot include sponsorship details of the event

Spawn area is terminal 1 gates at RCTP everyone. If there is no space just spawn near that areas gates

I wish I could go but I can’t as you’ll be landing at 01:30 am for me!