30OCT20 / 1800Z - My first event on IFC! @ LEPA

Palma de Mallorca flyout


Hello there!, this is my first event and I would like to start with a flyout from my local airport!

About Son Sant Joan Airport

In 1954, Son Sant Joan was a military air base and Son Bonet an airport used for commercial transit. At that time, the first European tourists began to arrive, thanks to the companies BEA, Air France and Aviaco. In 1958, the drafters of the National Airport Plan proposed the creation of a large commercial airport in Son Sant Joan. A provisional passenger terminal was built, and in 1960, Son Sant Joan airport was opened to national and international traffic . Between 1964 and 1967 the runway was extended and a terminal building was built. In 1965, the works of Terminal A began. Seven years later, Terminal B enters service. It was one of the most active hubs of Air Berlin, that company that felt in bankrupt in 2014. Currently, Palma de Mallorca has up to 25 millions of passengers per year!! Thats so crazy. Of course before pandemic… The most seen airlines are TUI, Eurowings, Vueling, Air Europa, Ryanair, EasyJet, Lufthansa…

Image of the Palma cathedral

Basic Information

Server: Expert

Airport: Palma de Mallorca - LEPA

Time: Friday 30th October @ 17:00 ZULU


Terminal A

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot Attended
A10 Madrid Air Europa B789 1:30 @Paulo_Arce

Terminal B

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot Attended
B34 Almeria Iberia Air Nostrum CRJ1000 1:30

Terminal C

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot Attended
C48 Barcelona Vueling A320 0:50 @A350pilot
C46 Madrid Iberia A321 1:30 @aircasa_88
C44 Santiago Ryanair B738 1:55 @Jaimexerez2000
C42 Bilbao Air Europa E195 1:25
C40 Gran Canaria Iberia A321 3:15 @airbus7447skyhawk

Terminal D

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot Attended
D98 Cologne Ryanair B738 2:25 @StormyAviation
D96 Stuttgart TUI B738 2:05 @Infinite_Flight_Bra1
D94 Dusseldorf Eurowings A320 2:25 @Robin3
D92 London (Heathrow) British Airways A320 2:30 @IF-Mallorca
D90 London (Heathrow) British Airways A320 2:30 @CptAdam
D88 London (Stansted) Ryanair B738 2:30 @InfiniteFlightDeck
D86 London (Gatwick) British Airways A320 2:30 @Cpt.TC
D84 Frankfurt Lufthansa A320 2:20
D82 Eindhoven Transavia B738 2:25 @Airliner
D80 Helsinki Norweigan B738 3:55




  • All takeoffs will be done from right runways (06R or 24R), deppending on the ATIS
  • No ATC service, please use UNICOM correctly.
  • Please spawn with the callsign of the plane your are flying
  • Pushback will be 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

C44 Santiago Ryanair B738 1:55
I’ll get this gate with pleasure!

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You got it, thank you!

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We need more people

ill take this one A10 Madrid Air Europa B789 1:30

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Wait wait wait… summer holidays!? It’s October lol.

Because Palma is very popular for germans at hollidays

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Anyways, wanna a gate?

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Done, see you there!

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Can I have a gate next to someone as a British airways a320 to LHR?

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of course, but what do you mean with “next to someone”?

like any gate but next to another aircraft is possible

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There you are, next to me!

Thank youuuuuu

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I’ll take a gate on a RYR 738 to London Stansted EGSS, please!

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Gran Canaria on the Iberia A321 please!

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Yes I would like D98

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Done! See you

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We are already 7 pilots, we need 8 more pilots and 2 ATC!!

Just give me a random gate :D Is the event today?

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