30OCT20 / 0000Z - Porter Escapes: Pittsburgh! @ CYTZ - KPIT (FINISHED)

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🌤 Soaring the Canadian skies since 2017.

Welcome to our event thread. We’ve taken some time to improve what we post on the Infinite Flight Community, to make sure that all our threads and posts remain visually aesthetic and convey information clearly. So, who are we? Founded all the way back in November of 2017, VirtualPorter is an Infinite Flight virtual airline based on Porter Airlines, a small Canadian regional carrier operating within Eastern Canada and parts of the Eastern U.S. Our operations within the VA is meant to be from the perspective of a pilot, not the passenger. With this in mind, we want to offer our pilots the best resources and environment available in a VA to transport our beloved virtual passengers safely from one destination to the other, all while maintaining a sense of realism and Canadian hospitality within the mobile flight simulator we operate on. Our vision is simple: to be a laid back virtual organisation with a vibrant community centred around our real life counterpart. We are IFVARB certified.

🗺 Welcome to Porter Escapes!

Our most popular and frequent live server event series, we present you Porter Escapes! In these events, we travel around Canada with our Q400s on official Porter routes (including terminated and seasonal), exploring different cities each time and showcasing our daily operations. VirtualPorter members will receive 1 PDgold point as a reward for participating. All members on the IFC are also welcome.

🔍 Event details:

This Thursday we will be flying on a relatively short hop from our beautiful main hub in downtown Toronto on a route many have not heard of. This was once a legitimate Porter destination, until they ceased the operations of it in 2014. On this unique VirtualPorter exclusive flight, we will be heading to the home of your not so favourite NFL team…the Pittsburgh Steelers! Join us as we soar in our beloved Dash-8 and take to the Canadian and U.S skies showing IF who truly is the best Canadian airline.

Date and time: October 30, 2020 12:00 AM

Server: Expert

Region: Ontario (Canada), Pennsylvania (U.S.A)

Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400 (Porter livery)

Airports: CYTZ and KPIT

Estimated flight time: 00:58 (HH:MM)

The date and time shown should be displayed in the timezone of the viewer. If not, please let us know. All participants will be added to a IFC group message shortly before departure for more detailed flight briefings and communications.

👩‍✈️ Looks good? Sign up!

Billy Bishop is a tiny airport located right next to the Toronto skyline, and as a result we can only bring a maximum of 10 pilots along! If the event is popular, gate spaces will run out very quickly so make sure to sign up as soon as possible. If you do decide to sign up, we ask that you double check that you won’t be preoccupied with another event. We’ve had way too many instances where members will put their names down and never show up (resulting in a consistently poor event attendance), so we will be introducing a two step verification - members who sign up will be sent a direct message on the IFC to confirm their gate. As always, we hope you’ll enjoy this short trip to KPIT!

Gates (CYTZ) Pilot
Gate 1 @InfiniteArya
Gate 2 @AviationFreak
Gate 3
Gate 4 @MisterButler
Gate 5 @Brody_Swiatek
Gate 6 @anon74260613
Gate 7
Gate 8 @AGSilver_04
Gate 9
Gate 10 @flyinggoosey

We are VirtualPorter. That means we are unaffiliated with the real world organisation. Visit flyporter.com for the real world airline.


I’ll sign up!

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Roger that!

@KPIT might like this

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Ohhh, ya this is nice, except this part…


AHAHAHA I didn’t type that, isn’t that right @flyinggoosey 😳😳

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I mean I had to call out them Steelers fans ;) just kidding if it came down to honesty we are lucky to be going to their home town 😅


@MisterButler Gate 10 por favour :)

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6-0 can’t argue our record love us or hate us 😝

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It’s all good. I’d join but I don’t have pro right now. Have fun though, if I had to guess Porter would have used Terminal A for what that’s worth. I don’t remember specifically but that’s where AC flights go now is really my only reasoning 😂

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Ay put me down I can 99.9% come

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@AviationFreak @flyinggoosey awesome guys, I got y’all down!

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Hey! Can I join? Gate 1

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Hi @MisterButler, can I get a gate please, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come since I usually eat at that time :(.

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@Q4simdred since you are unsure if you could attend, unfortunately we cannot give you the gate as there is very limited space and we have to make sure attendees do show up!

Ok that’s fine! Can I still have a gate if there is a spare one left just in case I can make it?

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Yeap, I’ll let u know if there’s a spare gate and we’re missing an attendee

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Slot me in. If I take off past midnight Zulu, I might not be able to make it. If you could pre-pone this event by ~15 minutes, that would guarantee my arrival.


Yeh if you do that the chances that I’ll be able to come would be a bit higher! @MisterButler

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@Q4simdred @AGSilver_04 unfortunately if I were to change that it would affect everyone else that’s signed up as well, but we’ll see