30NOV20 / 2130Z Rock city Fly In Challenge - [Finished] @ EGLL- LXGB

Thanks Tyler

Google was the tool that I used to find that. it’s actually quite helpful 😉

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Do u want to come @TylerShah

I’m flying for the next 7 hrs so I cant

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It’s fine and did I get the time right?

By 2400Z do you mean 0000Z? If so, that would be in above 3 hours which means this topic must be closed. See here for more details:

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It’s 2:30 pm EST my time I am in the right time zone so no it’s not going to be closed @Patrick_McCormack
I want the event at 5pm EST

2400Z, or 0000Z I think you are talking about, is in over 3 hours, as it is currently 1932Z.

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I am on the East coast of the USA

What’s the flight time? If it’s under 3hrs I can go

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It is like 2hrs long

And we take off at 5pm EST @Deltadev13

I might be able to join. It depends on what time I land at EDDF

Sweet yay is the time right @Captainflight
I want to depart at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Or if not I will be ATC for both places. Its supposed to be 2020-11-30T22:00:00Z just add that and its 2200Z

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I don’t know how to make it like this

Ok I’ll be there

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Come Flyers I challenge u to come and land at LXGB

@Deltadev13 welcome aboard u can chose whatever Airline u want from these choices

I’ll butter that BA A320 😏

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