30NOV20 / 1800Z - The Not-So-Smooth Competition @ KSAN

The Not-So-Butter Competition


So you like buttering/greasing? I challenge you to the exact opposite. This ‘competition’ will put your gear and passengers to the test. The aim of the competition is to slam onto that runway as hard as you can, without crashing ofcourse.

The Details

Server: Casual

Airport: KSAN - San Diego

Aircraft: 737-800 or A320 (Any livery)

Date & Time: *2020-11-30T18:00:00Z

Plan: Participants will spawn in, a group chat will be created. You will then be instructed to pushback and taxi, there will be time spacing between each aircraft. A single pattern will be done, with one landing. Pilots will attempt to land their aircraft as hard as possible, before taxing back to parking and awaiting further instructions


Gates will be assigned closer to the event, if the player outcome is satisfactory. Reply to this thread as follows:
@Josh_Tomaz (Your username) | B737-800 (Your aircraft choice)


@Hardlanding_Hussain | A320
@Mr_Young | 737-800
@A350pilot | Boeing 737-800
@Marcel001 | Boeing 737-800
@Carloslikesplanes23 | 737-800
@MissRosa | A320
@Aviation2929 | A320
@Salem_Alshehri | A320
@Ocean1c | 737-800
@SWA1997 | 737-800
@Aviation108 | 737-800
@Fung_Sum-sum | A320
@MJP_27 | 737-800
@Jay_M | 737-800
@plane_guy12 | A320
@Butter_Boi | 737-800
@trapislor | 737-800
@AGSilver_04 | A320
@bbrockairbus | 737-800
@Gavin_cx | 737-800
@TheExDid_HD | 737-800

I look forward to seeing you there!

Feels like this event was made for me to win 😏 Sign me up for an A320


Can I have the Boeing 767. @Hardlanding_Hussain hmmm. Let’s see who wins.


ill join in a ryanair 737 lol

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Could I have Ryanair 737 also?

@Marcel001 | B737-800

@Carloslikesplanes23 | 737-8 American Airlines

@Kyline_Gudy | Jetblueeeeeeeee A320

ohhh noooo, I am too good at landing to join this event :(

sign me up in the 717 AirTran Falcons


I am so in and I slam on the tarmac anyway lol😂 and I will do the 737-800 SWA HEART livery

I’ll take the Cactus 320

Correct me if I’m wrong, but purely judging by your @name, I reckon your touchdown will be as smooth as mountain biking downhill. I’m just joking… I’ve seen you land before, your landings are smooth-ish 😉

My Average is -500 💀

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Meh… a typical descent at 140 IAS is 600-700ft/min, and just before touchdown you might have 30-100 ft/min

I can just try to butter and I’d win lol

Basically, the flare maneuvre should be initiated to reduce VS from approx. 400-900 ft (depending on A/C) to approx. 100-200 fpm just before touchdown. I know big airliners want 0 fpm, but that’s nearly imposssible. On average about 200 fpm (is a standard landing). But, in the event of a wet runway, a firm contact is required so a harder landing (~ 400 fpm) should be your aim.

(Sorry @Hardlanding_Hussain, I know that was probably more information that you needed or wanted, but at least now you know 😁)

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Oh wow, this competition was made for me! Ill take a Delta 737-800!

@Salem_Alshehri A320

@Ocean1c West Jet 737

Cough ahem sir please choose from the correct choice of aircraft

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