30MAY23 Citation X Farewell Group Flight ***POST-PONED TO JUNE 4TH***

Basic event rules

Not responsible for level 2 or 3 violations
Only using Citation X aircraft
You can use any non-passenger gates
Due to shade about when 23.2 is coming out, I’ve decided to not take chances, and create a farewell flight! Story: A friend group of millionaires have decided to visit family at Myrtle Beach, so they have decided to fly together.
Cessna Citation X - Aircraft Directory | RocketRoute

Citation X Private Jet Rental | Private Jet Charter | Jets.com

Anyone can stream on youtube.


should I put this as “atc staffed?”

Yeah, think that may get some attention.

Also i will try to come, but the timing may not work out for me

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exactly what time in Colombian time

it should say next to where you can put going, interested or not going but it is 6:30 pm i believe

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Challenger may be out before this


Well then I’ll turn it into a welcome flight

so it says 19:30 zulu what you wrote but where the ifc converts it for you it says 6:30 pm cdt which is not a correct conversion so i was just wondering which was right

based on my timezone, it says that I am 4 hours behind gmt, so subtract 4 hours, and you get my time

well folks today’s the day

anyone can rejoin!

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sorry for the issues buit this will be postponed to tommorow

I can try to make this

okay, got it!

Me and @Badger_Man are here and waiting is 1:30 the official spawn or departure?

Should we just depart @DJW

It starts at 2:30 not 1:30

I don’t think so, it says at the top the scheduled departure was an hour ago

Sorry, you can depart, last minute family emergency