30MAY23 / 1700Z | The Himalayan Approach - Paro Fly-In [VQPR]

Paro International Airport (IATA: PBH, ICAO: VQPR) is 3.2nm from Paro in a deep valley, surrounded by mountains with peaks as high as 18000ft. It is considered by many as the world’s most challenging commercial airport to land at, with less than two dozen pilots that are certified to fly in or out.


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Batch 1 - 2023-05-30T17:00:00Z2023-05-30T17:15:00Z
Batch 2 - 2023-05-30T17:15:00Z2023-05-30T17:30:00Z

Due to limited gates we have scheduled 2 sessions. Feel free to join any session you like. (there is a 15 mins gap between the sessions)

Recommended Routes

Route Airline Aircraft Duration
VNKT (Kathmandu) - Paro DrukAir A319 55mins
VTBS (Bangkok) - Paro DrukAir A319 3hr 20mins
VEBD (Siliguri) - Paro DrukAir A319 45mins


Gate Airline Aircraft
Gate 01 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Gate 02 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Gate 03 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Gate 04 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Gate 05 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Gate 06 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Gate 07 Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers
Cargo Airline A321, 737, Dash-8, Embraers

Pilots must vacate the parking as soon as possible for the arriving aircrafts for a smooth experience for all.

Tower - @eldrago
Kolkata Center -

Notes :-

  • Majorly SUBSU1 arrival is used.
  • Mostly runway 33 is used for departure and arrivals.
  • no aircraft larger than an a320 can land here due to runway length and elevation.
  • Airport operates only in daylight so you might want to change time.
  • Aircraft should be hand flown after PR712
  • Lastly, touchdown must be earliest with minimum room to float.


  1. We are not responsible for violations
  2. Follow ATC instructions
  3. If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  4. No pattern work
  5. Have Fun and enjoy.
Paro Charts


This Co-Organiser of this event is @eldrago


I’ll definitely attend this!


When exactly is this scheduled for? it says 30June and 30May


its 30th May )))


Cool thanks

Awesome event @Joel_Albert!!!
Always wanted a fly in/out event near these Himalayan peaks!
Also im gonna do this:


Thanks for participating! Do let your aviator friends know too :)

Can you add the event box in your topic? Gotta set a reminder

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joel’s gonna add that soon, working on it. There was some error in beginning so yeah. will let you know.

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@guannlin just tap on the timing mentioned in the post. you can add to calendar from there too.

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Thank you :)

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Drukair A319 from Mumbai

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It’s a fly-in… But sure will try to accomodate 🥲 The title says Himalayan approach
You’re welcome!

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if you held off until 4 i could join

0400Z? Anyways we are doing it again after a month or so since it didn’t get the reach in short notice. Pm me your preferred times ❤️

Sorry can’t join

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event is in 1.30hrs guyss!!!

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Me who’s considering attempting the Paro approach while in class at school

Jk lol


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