30MAY21 / 2000Z - Showcase Flight Sunday @VNKT

Why not join newly IFVARB approved Fresh Air Connect VA for their Showcase Flight Sunday this evening at 20:00Z as we head from Kathmandu over to the difficult approach of Paro, Bhutan see below details and the attached image and we hope to see many pilots there to join our VA for this wonderful flight.

A318 ACJ2/3
Kathmandu - Paro
Expert Server

Fresh Air Connect VA is actively recruiting for new pilots. Interested in joining? Head over to www.freshairconnectva.weebly.com and visit the “Join Us” page for more info.


Nice event you got there.
I just wanted to let you know that Kathmandu airport ICAO is VNKT and not VNLT so you might wanna change that :)

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Hey Hari, firstly thank you and thank you for highlighting this mistake, it was also changed by an admin but I changed it back until a member of my staff team just made me aware it is wrong lol, the perks of being a first time CEO…. Making mistakes haha.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Jason G
CEO - Fresh Air Connect

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did you takeoff?

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