30MAY21 / 1700Z - NAPC Presents: A flyout from the world's busiest square mile @ KMDW

New Signups

@Arizona_Aviator to Phoenix

@ORD777flyer to Fort Meyers

@Captain_T_Malone to New York - La Guardia

@Christopher_Nicholi Which gate? I will send you to Norfolk for now.

@EBEK to Cancun


This one Pls
I am A-List Preferred with SWVA

New Signups

@SWA1997 to Houston

Can I get this gate?

Thank you sir!

I’ll take gate B29

Hello, can I take B19 Southwest B738 Philidelphia - KPHL but instead of Philidelphia can I go to LAX?

New Signups

@Smile760981 to Tampa Bay

@TheFlyingGuy1 That gate does not exist. I will put you down for Baltimore until you give me another destination.

@Deathsix to Los Angeles (I will put you in one of the C gates).


B14 Southwest B738 Pittsburgh - KPIT

Could I please have this one? @NAPC

can i also take southwest to denver

May I have this gate please?

New Signups

@Lachlanavitor to Pittsburgh

@bbrockairbus to Denver

@Butter_Boi to Durango


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|A60|Southwest|B737|Denver - KDEN @NAPC

A60? That gate is not included. Please chose another gate.

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Could I take this to RSW please?

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Could I please have this gate?

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Can I please have Gate A7 Flight Southwest B737 to San Antonio! Wesley_Fry 422VA

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may i have this gate

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**New Signups**

@Deltadev13 to Montego Bay

@NathanD to Toronto Billy Bishop

@Wesley_Fry to San Antonio

@Adhithya_Adhithya to Atlanta


@NAPC Can it be A9 then?

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