30MAY20 / 2300Z - Saturday Night Flyout From the 6ix! @ CYYZ

Hosted by: @Pajd02

Co-Hosted by: @Populeux_Music, @reer104 and @Riley_Bozina









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Welcome to the Toronto Pearson International Airport flyout! This is my first flyout event. Pearson airport has the most routes of any airport within North America and is the busiest airport in Canada. It is also the tenth busiest airport by passenger movement in North America. CYYZ is my nearest major airport and I love going to watch all of the planes arriving and departing from this airport, so I decided that I will host my event here.

Terminal 1 (Air Canada, Star Alliance) Gates
Concourse D (Domestic)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s Name
101A Q400 Air Canada Express London(ON) @Dendenawesome_14
101 Q400 Air Canada Express Windsor @CaptainMorin
103 Q400 Air Canada Express London(ON) @Pajd02
105 Q400 Air Canada Express North Bay @SethMartinKaleb209
107 Q400 Air Canada Express Timmins
109 Q400 Air Canada Express Muskoka
110 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Montreal @Campusgod
111 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Quebec City
112 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Kingston
128 E175 (Sub A220) Air Canada Ottawa
126 A319 Air Canada Regina
124 A333 Air Canada Calgary @jasper.hero
122 763 Air Canada Edmonton
120 A321 Air Canada Vancouver RESERVED FOR ACVA
131 A319 Air Canada Rouge Kelowna @Preston_D
133 A319 Air Canada Halifax @Johhhn
135 A321 Air Canada Calgary @Hayden_Buerckner
137 789 Air Canada Vancouver @michel_avegnon
139 773 Air Canada Montreal @ToasterStroodie
140 763 Air Canada Winnipeg
141 772 Air Canada Calgary
142 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Sault Ste. Marie RESERVED FOR ACVA
144 E175(Sub A220) Air Canada Ottawa @Embraer001
145 A319 Air Canada Montreal RESERVED FOR ACVA
138 763 Air Canada Calgary @Victor_Beltrami
Concourse E&F (International and U.S.)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s Name
136 A321 Air Canada New York(JFK) @joty6
134 A321 Air Canada Las Vegas
132 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Pittsburgh @TestFlight009
151 A319 Air Canada Halifax @NathanPreuss
153 A333 Air Canada Miami
155 789 Air Canada Los Angeles @torontoaviator
157 773 Air Canada Frankfurt
161 763 Air Canada New York (LGA) @NYFLFlyer22
163 A319 Air Canada New York (LGA) @Bryan4558
165 A321 Air Canada San Jose(CA)
167 739 United Houston(IAH) @charrison
169 B78X EVA Air Taipei @KIND9624
170 788 LOT Warsaw
171 B773 Air Canada Hong Kong @Yan07
172 744 Lufthansa Frankfurt @AlphaKilo
173 748 Korean Air Seoul @CaptainAzriq
174 772 Korean Air Seoul @Pingu
175 A388 Emirates Dubai @Bradders777X
176 B772 Air Canada Sydney
177 789 Air Canada Seoul @MJP_27
178 A388 Singapore Airlines Singapore @hopkindion
179 A359 Lufthansa Munich @Anthony_Williams
180 789 Air Canada London @jayfly5
181 772LR Air Canada Tokyo @Kevinsoto1502
168 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Boston RESERVED FOR ACVA
168B CRJ900 Air Canada Express Baltimore
166 A319 Air Canada Denver @brennanhackard
164A E175 Air Canada Express Newark @Lufthansa2
164B E175 Air Canada Express Washington(National) @ThomasThePro
162 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Nashville
160 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Minneapolis
191 A321 Air Canada Seattle RESERVED FOR ACVA
193 CRJ900 Air Canada Express New Orleans @Chase_Smith1
246 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Cincinnatti
248 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Chicago
250 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Cleveland
252 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Columbus
254 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Charlotte
256 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Indianapolis
258 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Kansas City
260 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Memphis
266 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Milwaukee
268 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Philadelphia
270 CRJ200 Air Canada Express Pittsburgh @TestFlight009
272 CRJ900 Air Canada Express Raleigh/Durham
Infield Terminal (Sunwing) Gates
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
521 737-800 Sunwing Vancouver
522 737-800 Sunwing Nassau
523 737-800 Sunwing Orlando
524 737-800 Sunwing Cancun
525 737-800 Sunwing Punta Cana
526 737-800 Sunwing Fort Lauderdale
527 737-800 Sunwing Daytona Beach @Kyle0323
528 737-800 Sunwing Puerto Vallarta
529 737-800 Sunwing Miami
530 737-800 Sunwing Montego Bay
531 737-800 Sunwing Cayo Coco
Terminal 3 (WestJet and other alliances) Gates
Concourse A
Gate Number Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
A01A 737-700 WestJet Fort Lauderdale @CaptainZac
A01B 737-800 WestJet Miami @CamiloRincon
A01C 737-700 WestJet Orlando
A01D 737-800 Air Transat (Thomson) Cancun
A02 737-700 WestJet Bermuda @Starz
A03 737-800 WestJet Vancouver
A04 737-700 WestJet Calgary
A05 737-800 WestJet Punta Cana @Captain_T_Malone
A06 737-700 WestJet St. Maarten
Concourse B
Gate Number Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
B7D Q400 WestJet Thunder Bay
B7E Q400 WestJet Ottawa @Infinite_Pro
B7F A319 Delta Salt Lake City @KGJT-9149
B8 737-800 WestJet Cayo Coco @ILOVE7879-2.0
B9 737-700 WestJet New York (LGA) @Plane-Train-TV
B10A CRJ-900 American Charlotte
B10B A319 American Miami @reer104
B11A 717 Delta Detroit
B11 737-800 American New York (LGA) @Riley_Bozina
B12A 737-800 American Dallas
B12 A321 American Chicago O’ Hare @flyme2bluemoon
B13 A321 American Charlotte @raoul_butler
B14 737-800 WestJet Vancouver
B14A 737-700 WestJet Calgary @CanadianNorth7577
B15 737-800 Air Transat (Thomson) Ottawa
B15A 737-700 WestJet Montreal
B16 737-800 WestJet Halifax @FlightyTaughty
B17 737-700 WestJet Moncton
B18 737-700 WestJet Winnipeg
B19 Q400 WestJet Quebec City @Ecoops123
B20 CRJ American (Skywest) Chicago O’ Hare
B21 737-800 Delta New York (KJFK) @SeekingSunsets229
B22 CRJ-200 American Washington
Concourse C
Gate Number Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
C24 737-800 American Detroit
C25 757-200 Iceland Air Reykjavik @Delta23
C26 737-700 WestJet Orlando
C27 777-300ER Etihad Abu Dhabi @Prerb
C28 767-300 WestJet (Generic) Cancun
C29 78X KLM Amsterdam @Plexi_Playz
C30 A333 Air Transat (Airbus) Manchester @James_Wright
C31 787-9 British Airways London @Captain_Billy
C32 A333 Air Transat (Airbus) Cancun
C33 UNKNOWN British Airways London @BA189
C34 747-400 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong (via Anchorage) @Snow_Cone
C35 747-400 KLM Amsterdam @JornGroen
C36 787-8 Ethiopian Addis Ababa @Raptor_416
C37 737-800 American Philadelphia @That_Guy14
C38 737-900 Delta Atlanta @Populeux_Music
C39 737-800 Aeromexico Mexico City
C40 Q400 WestJet London(ON) @Aparkins
C41 Q400 WestJet Myrtle Beach
FedEx Cargo
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
601 777F FedEx Memphis @apricotwarrior
602 777F FedEx Memphis @Frequentfliyer
603 777F FedEx Los Angeles @Yankees2509
604 MD-11F FedEx Memphis @JMilam
605 MD-11F FedEx New York @Pauleisl
606 777F FedEx Los Angeles @Doublefg
607 DC-10F FedEx Indianapolis @StevenWalter
609 MD-11F FedEx Calgary @Jackxtreme_48
North Cargo Area
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
E01 757F UPS Louisville
E02 A332F UPS Los Angeles
E03 B747-8F ABC Atlanta
E04 777F AeroLogic Frankfurt
E05 757F DHL Cincinnati
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot’s name
West Cargo Ramp 500 DC-10F FedEx Memphis @ROlive23
West Cargo Ramp 502
West Cargo Ramp 503 A321 Wizz Air Miami @Bradgibbs01
West Cargo Ramp 505 B748F Cargolux Chicago
West Cargo Ramp 507 B77F Emirates Dubai RESERVED FOR CARGOLUX VIRTUAL
West Cargo Ramp 509 B77F Emirates Dubai RESERVED FOR CARGOLUX VIRTUAL
West Cargo Ramp 511 B748F Cargolux Luxembourg @Edoardo_C
West Cargo Ramp 506 B748F Cargolux Luxembourg @Raquis
West Cargo Ramp 512 B773 Emirates Dubai
Added as needed Any Any Any



This is the FAA diagram


Date: 2020-05-30T23:00:00Z (changes to your timezone)

Server: Expert

NOTAM: Realistic Procedures will be used

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toronto_Pearson_International_Airport

IFATC: Will NOT be present







Can I take gate 133?

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You got it! @Pingu


Hope we see some signups

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Can i get Gate C35 to Amsterdam

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For sure!!

Hi can I do a Wizz Air flight for my VA, it is a route we operate for the COVID 19 situation
Wizz Air 9023 to Miami KMIA, on A321. thanks

Sure! I’ll put you in at West Cargo Ramp 503. IRL they use it as hardtand

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I’ll take this

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You got it!

I’ll take gate 272 to Raleigh Durham! Flying back home!

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You got it! See you there!

Wait. I can’t join never mind sorry. The event lies on an online school day for me. It’s a weekday I’m really sorry. I hope to see you another event.

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okay, all good

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Thank you. Have a good day.

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Thank you, you as well!

Hi! Can I have the KLM 787 to AMS, and which type is it? -9 or -10?

Wait! YES! I can join! I got my dates mixed up sorry.

Can I take gate 272 to Raleigh Durham? I just realized I can join schedule mix up.

IRL they use the -10, but up to you