30may20 / 0000z - cargo flight @ kmem-panc

I like the lights too, but they’re a little dim.

Is it okay if I take the 777?

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Unfortunately, I can’t help you with APPR. I always hand fly (for this reason). It results in a smoother approach and landing and it won’t take you way aside from the runway.

You take what you want. I love diversity on the field.

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Flight Plan has been updated

Credit: @anon38496261

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takes FedEx Feeder C208

You might make it to Montana

might, lol

I flew a FedEx flight the other day from Memphis to Great Falls Montana thinking it would be a beautiful airport by the sound of the name, I got there and I was highly disappointed.

Sounds like a fat oOf

to me

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I want to get a head count, who’s planning on attending!

  • Yes
  • No
  • Change time and I can

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