30MAR24: Speedbird Supers @ EGLL - Fly-in by IAG Virtual

Speedbird Supers - Heathrow Fly-in

Presented by IAG Virtual

Welcome all to IAG Virtual’s welcome to the A380. Join us on featured routes, or pick a route of your own and fly-in to our hub, Heathrow. This event promises great flights, busy airspaces and most importantly, the new A380. Excited? Let us know down below! We currently have 8 VAs attending who will by flying in throughout the afternoon, whilst we at IAG Virtual will be doing event flights throughout the day.

‘Speedbird Supers’ is IAG Virtual’s 1st IFC event of 2024 and we are pumped! We have been long awaiting an update to our biggest jet, the A380 and now it is here for us all to enjoy. Our A380s fly 8 high-capacity routes which we recommend you use for this event! We also have 5 historic routes including two short hauls which means we have routes for all!

Our event will involve having set arrival times for each airport, making the arrivals into Heathrow balanced for peak efficiency.

Active BA A380 Routes (A-Z)

Route Aircraft Airline Distance Fuel Duration
Boston (KBOS) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 2,962nm 75,000 kgs 5:30
Dallas (KDFW) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 4,352nm 105,000 kgs 8:10
Dubai (OMDB) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 3,092nm 101,000 kgs 7:10
Johannesburg (FAOR) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 4,981nm 152,000 kgs 11:00
Los Angeles (KLAX) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 4,826nm 125,000 kgs 9:45
Miami (KMIA) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 3,910nm 100,000 kgs 7:45
San Francisco (KSFO) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 4,806nm 125,000 kgs 9:45
Historic BA A380 Routes (A-Z)

Route Aircraft Airline Distance Fuel Duration
Chicago (KORD) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 3,558nm 92,000 kgs 7:10
Doha (OTHH) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 2,968nm 94,000 kgs 6:50
Frankfurt (EDDF) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 355nm 26,000 kgs 1:10
Madrid (LEMD) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 677nm 32,000 kgs 1:10
Singapore (WSSS) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 British Airways 6,121nm 204,000 kgs 14:00
Oneworld Partner Routes (A-Z)

Route Aircraft Airline Distance Fuel Duration
Doha (OTHH) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 Qatar 2,968nm 94,000 kgs 6:50
Singapore (WSSS) - Heathrow (EGLL) A380 Qantas 6,121nm 204,000 kgs 14:00

London Heathrow is engineered for peak efficiency, on average there is one take-off and landing every 45 seconds - operating at 98% capacity. There are two runways with one being used solely for landing and the other solely for take-off, they rotate responsability roughly twice a day. There are two taxiways on each side of the airport so you can have two contra-flowing lanes of traffic. There’s not much space but there’s plenty of options!

Arrival Procedures & Notes (A-Z)
Inbound from STAR Name Speed Restrictions Other notes
South East ALES1H LLE01 (250kts), BIG (220kts) At Biggin Hill (BIG) you may receive vectors to RW27L/R
East LOGA2H WESUL (250kts), LAM (220kts) At Lambourne (LAM) you may receive vectors to RW27L/R
North NUGR1H WCO (220kts), BNN (220kts) At WCO (Wescott) go direct to Bovingdon (BNN) and then expect vectors to RW27L/R
West OTME1H LLS01 (250kts), OCK (220kts) At Ockham (OCK) expect vectors to RW27L/R
South ROXO1H LLS01 (250kts), OCK (220kts) At Ockham (OCK) expect vectors to RW27L/R
Runway Name Notes
RW27L Expect 3nm Landing separation - plan your exit to the RW and exit swiftly (We recommend exit N6)
RW27R Expect 3nm Landing separation - plan your exit to the RW and exit swiftly (We recommend exit A10)
A380 Taxi & Gate Restrictions

The A380 can taxi on most, but not all LHR taxiways. The taxiways highlighted in green and the gates that are next to those green taxiways are suitable for A380 & B747 operations.

A380 Taxi Charts
A380 Suitable gates

If you are not flying in the A380, you have access to all taxiways! Please see the charts below.

Taxi Chart

Welcome to IAG Virtual, a Virtual Airline dedicated to replicating the professionalism and grandeur some of the World’s Favourite Airlines; British Airways, known for more than 100 years history, diverse fleet and for flying more people to more places than any other airline is todays’ focus!

As a well respected Virtual Airline, and one of the earliest VAs to form seven years ago, we boast a large pilot base, partnerships with numerous other VAs, and years of experience in running a successful VA. Our friendly staff members make IAGVA an exciting and welcoming environment to further your love of flight, and with our regular events, weekly featured routes and Career Challenge there’s never a dull moment when flying with us.

The joining process for IAG Virtual is simple. We ask that you fill out our application form, and our Recruitment Manager or another member of our staff team will make contact with you to proceed with your application. We have a 20 question test and require a pass mark of 80%, however, you are welcome to retake this test if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. Our test requires a basic knowledge of flight and ATC principles and some awareness of IAG’s operations. On completion we invite you to join our busy Discord server.

We are one of the only major Virtual Airlines to offer codeshare routes to pilots on Day 1 of joining

On joining you will immediately gain access to a wide range of aircraft, with seven different airlines represented. You will be able to fly British Airways Cityflyer routes out of London City, Edinburgh, Southampton and other regional UK bases, as well as access to British Airways’ historic network out of Birmingham and in France.

Apply Here!


Partner List (1)

Please visit our wonderful partners and show them some support!

VA Name Thread Route Arrival time
@ANAVirtualGroup ANA Virtual RJTT-EGLL 1400z
@CathayPacificVA Cathay Pacific Virtual VHHH-EGLL 1400z
@DubaiVirtual Dubai Virtual OMDB-EGLL 0800z & 2000z
@Etihad_Virtual Etihad Virtual OMAA-EGLL 1600z
@FinnairVA Finnair Virtual OMDB-EGLL 1900z
@KoreanAirVirtual Korean Air Virtual RKSI-EGLL 0900-1200z
@LuftyVirtual Lufty Virtual KSFO-EGLL 1500z
@QatariVirtual Qatari Virtual OTHH-EGLL 1800z
@Singapore_Virtual Singapore Virtual WSSS-EGLL 1300z

Super excited for this upcoming event by the one the best VA’s! In infinite flight!
Well done to the team who put this together!


I’m so looking forward to this!! Bring it on!


Which flight would you be doing? :)


FAOR-EGLL, Such a Underestimated route but very scenic, I highly recommend it! How about you?


I am conflicted as there are soo many routes to choose from! I might join you on the FAOR - EGLL!


Please do! Always glad to have someone flying with me!


Would highly recommend to join IAG Virtual , as it is one of the best VA’s out there to join!


Looking forward to flying the Big BA Bird later this month! Alongside my fellow IAG members and all the other VA’s. Can’t wait!


Feel free to join me and @mkafula ! Would be glad to have you on board with us from FAOR to EGLL! 😊


Sounds like a plan buddy!


Great to see the hype, can’t wait for the A380!

Deputy President, IAG Virtual


Agreed! Thank you for this great event! I’m so looking forward to it Ben! 😊


I can’t wait for this it seems so fun. I am planning on flying the BA A380 from the USA


Good choice!


We are looking forward to this event! See you there! :) ✈️⭐️

  • Zaviation, {Events Manager}

Can’t wait to lead the line of Supers homebound!


It’s going to be fantastic event and I can’t wait for it!


Yessirrr! Potentially one of the biggest VA events in VA history?


@Zaviation Can’t wait to do Heathrow - Dubai and back with you for this Event.