30MAR21 / 1800Z - Down to Vegas! @KSEA to KLAS


Welcome to my group flight. Today we head over to Las Vegas as we depart from Seattle. Join me on this scenic flight over mountains, deserts, and cities! This flight will be streaming on YouTube and Twitch. Watch it here on YouTube! Or here on Twitch!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Alaska A320

  • Route: KSEA - KLAS

  • Time of Departure: 1800Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Remarks: Flight plan will be posted 30 minutes before, IFATC will not be present but use UNICOM correctly, this flight will be streaming live on YouTube and Twitch so please keep that in mind. Spawn in 15-30 minutes before the flight!

I hope to see you all there. Happy flying!


coming along For sure.

Awesome see you there!

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Hey rotate, I’m coming for the ride

See you then!

Sign me up! I might spawn in a little late because im gonna get driven home from school.

Awesome! No sign ups required though. See you in a few!

I’ll be hitching a ride with you all!

spawn now?

Awesome! See you in a bit! Got a lot of people coming!

Yessir! Go ahead and spawn in now. Here is the link to the stream on YouTube:

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I’ll be spawning in a bit. My phone is currently dead and it needs to charge.

I made a PM for us to use. Please utilize it.

FPL is ready if you guys want to copy it

FL350, 220/280/.79 is the plan

Sorry I had to cut the flight short I had some stuff to review.

No problemo. See you next time!

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