30MAR21 / 1700Z - Streaming to Sydney @ YBBN

Join us for a Flash Flight down the Australian East Coast as we head from Brisbane to the massive hub of Sydney! Passing over a huge number of national parks and oceanic habitat zones, you’ll get a taste of what makes Eastern Australia quite so special. We’ll be flying the Qantas B738 for this flight and we can’t wait to see the skies painted in the beautiful red and white Roo!

This event will be live-streamed on our official Twitch channel. Head to our account below and make sure you turn on live notifications. You might even catch yourself on video!

These events can lead to amazing photos, so post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #flashflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Specifics

Origin Airport Destination Airport Suggested Aircraft Suggested Airline Flight Duration STAR
YBBN YSSY B738 Qantas 1:30h BORE2A/2P


Event Hours:

Begin - Tuesday 30th March @ 17:00 ZULU

End - Tuesday 30th March @ 18:30 ZULU

March 30, 2021March 30, 2021


I’ll join! Hehe first go brrrrr

Cannot wait for the stream, looking forward to it. Thank you Misha

lets gooooo

Will we see anymore sneak peaks this stream? Not wanting to cause any speculation at all, just asking

I thought this event started now - and then I remembered the UK is now 1 hour ahead of zulu lol

hope to see misha on the live😀

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I will join the same at 1700Z…


I’ll be controlling YBBN G for the event! I’ll see you al there!


I will join for the same.


Quick Tip for everyone spawning in at YBBN:

Try to spread out when you spawn in. It can make traffic flow a bit easier for everyone and you won’t have to stay put at the gates if we have to give you a hold position command, due to someone behind you who pushed back


NOOOOOO!! I want to join but i’m doing a flight from NZAA to YSSY. Ugh. enjoy to those who will join.

Thanks for the stream! 💯

@Drummer @DeerCrusher @AviatorDan can I descend to your FL380 please? (F22, Aeroflot 106VA)

Whoops just saw this now

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Don’t worry, all is good, I enjoyed this flight very much :)

I was doing that too but the other way round instead i decided leave and fly at Brisbane instead lol

Ok now mod team open up the tracking thread

Same here. Finally learned how to fly a fighter

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