30JUN23 | Puente Aéreo Event

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The Puente Aéreo between Madrid and Barcelona is one of the busiest air routes in Spain. It connects the two main cities of the country, Madrid, the capital, and Barcelona, the largest city in Catalonia.

The flight time between Madrid and Barcelona is relatively short, around an hour. This makes it a popular option for those who need to move quickly between the two cities for business, tourism or family visits.

In summary, the airlift between Madrid and Barcelona is a key air route in Spain, quickly connecting the two main cities of the country. It offers a wide flight frequency and schedule options, making it a popular choice for travelers who want to commute between these two major cities. And that’s why is perfect for this event because doesn’t take much time to fly between those airports and both can handle big traffic congestion.

Expert Server

LEBL (Barcelona Airport) / LEMD (Madrid Airport)

Secondary airports:



More information

Josep Tarradellas-Barcelona-El Prat Airport Guide (LEBL)

Recommended Routes:

Departure Arrival Airlines Aircraft
LEMD LEBL Air Europa, Iberia, Vueling A359, A32X, B789,B738
LEBL LEPA Vueling, Ryanair, Air Europa A320, B738
LEPA LEMD Ryanair, Air Europa, Iberia B738, A320, CRJ
LEIB LEBL Ryanair, Vueling B738, A320
LEZL LEBL Ryanair, Vueling B738, A321
LEBB LEMD Iberia, Air Europa A320, B738, CRJ
LEVC LEZL Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia A320, B738, CRJ
LEMG LEBL Ryanair, Vueling A320, B738
LEMD LEMG Iberia, Air Europa A320, B738

ATC Service are open to join, however if there’s no ATC staffing I would do it my self only in LEBL

Thanks for reading this, See you in the Event!

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